A lore friendly way to increase the weapon pool in AO

first off I’d thank the devs and arks who work to keep the game alive!

so now to my idea, we all LOVE Antonio Stacklund but, upon having conversation with him I’ve determined he is quite old and must likely have children (even if he doesn’t admit it). Que Antonio Stacklund daughter of Antonio Stacklund, 36th of her name, from the long time of traders and gadgeteers!

Antonio offers players more complex conversion kits to upgrade weapons. the first in this line is from the subway! with the arm of abmouth she can upgrade either your OG melee weapon or a illegally modified ofab weapon to be just under the comparable totw weapon.

for example here’s frozen tear of ulkeshs stats
min damage 95 (95)?
Max Damage 148 (148)?
Damage Type ColdAC
Critical Modifier 0
MBS 700

and here is your regular lvl 25 subway mongoose

Min Damage 26 (56)?
Max Damage 78 (108)?
Damage Type ColdAC
Critical Modifier 30
MBS n/a

this could be boosted to 75-120(30) with an mbs of 500 and reqs of 255 1he 125-150 SA and FA
and be 1.4/1.4 instead of 1/1 it should also retain the Stacklund touch of max hp I was thinking 60 each for 1 handers and 100-120 for 2 handers.

now these aren’t the items I wanted the big focus on and you can even argue aren’t that big of need to go about on about so I’ll continue onwards.

the 3 big sets of weapons I wish would be considered for upgrade I’ll group like this

dyna-loot weapons like icebreaker pump master gift of jupiter and even possibly sl dyna loot though that’s op as is (Antonio will be able to upgrade these parts through a lower level dyna mission, cull enough dynas and use antonio’s bio-analysis machine to study their bodies for research, she will reward you by implementing upgrades to your weapons) they could see slight dmg boosts and the additional hp that’s the Stacklund trademark.

IS weapons- Antonio requests the teeth of gelid and the sinew of hezak the immortal to make better melee weapons, for ranged she requires parts from domminus and the others. additionally, such advanced modifications will require special tools, you must present Antonio with a queen’s blade for her to sharpen the melee weapons to their proper state one use from a 2hand weapon 2 uses for 2 one hand weapons, and for the ranged weapons there should be enough leftover parts from a diamonde kick pistol to upgrade two ranged weapons or one two handed one (it seems that maw of the abyss can be modified to be things other than a shotgun through antonio’s tireless efforts, lucky us!), additionally the leftover queen blade and kick pistol can be modified into functional weapons once again via a tradeskilling of notum infusion device + anything to make a primed notum anything which can be tsed onto said weapons. these again would get a dmg boost, init boost and max health buff.

weapons that could just use some love-

neutrino flash, fear forged blades, COH weapon line, the 00 weapons(some at least), torture device, punishment rod, pretty much every fixer weapon, etc possibly even some reck weapons if they don’t OP everything else.

these could be at jurisdiction of the developers to figure exactly how to implement improvements.

I know some people will see changing the meta as a con, I mean I get it you have may have to IP reset, make new implants, farm different gear, etc. but the overall value some new life to the weapon pull would add is something that I think froobs (and even paid twinks) would absolutely love!


Dev’s, For gawd’s sake, give the Neutrino Flash SOUND! AO really needs a sound rehab.

We really could use a decent grenade gun or three too (for froobs that is)

That would be nice touch for all AO Noobs and Veteran Twinks as well.

But for Ofab we have the LE store, here there are already comparable better versions, from QL 75 these can be updated with AI Bio stuff. Not to forget, FC can sell VP here and a QL75 Weapon costs 1100 VP. VP which a L25 newcomer certainly does not have. Problem is upgrade Material and Tradeskills for AO Newcomer

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