A lost of suggestions to solve the "server is full" problem

Hello fellow barbarians,

Here is a list of suggestion in order to solve the problem of official servers always being full:

  1. A queue for players who want to join. The moment you want to join the server, a pop up message appears, telling you you are in a waiting queue and the position in the queue. Maybe also an estimated time, so players can decide if it’s worth waiting.

  2. Kick AFK players after 30 minutes when they are not active. Everyone has to go afk from time to time, but many players choose to log in in the morning and then stay AFK until they got time to play. That’s why I think 30 minutes are fair. It gives active players the chance to grab something to eat or go to toilet without being kicked, but those who really abuse being AFK all day will be kicked at some point.

  3. Set a limit to the max amount of characters that can be created on a server and delete inactive ones. Lets say the maximum amount of characters that can be created is 200 on a 40 player server, then there will be automatically a character creation stop after the 200 is reached. The only exception could be, that friends can invite others, which in turn can create a character even when the 200 is reached already. This will prevent new players from joining a server that is already full. After 3 weeks on inactivity, the player will receive an e-mail that tells him, his character will be deleted in 1 week if he doesn’t log in at least once. So after 4 weeks on inactivity, the character will be deleted, opening a character slot for other players.

  4. Make more servers. This game is very successfull right now and needs alot more servers, otherwise your community will get very upset, resulting in negative reviews. This should really be prevented by all means, because ratings on steam heavily influence sells.



Yes - to all what Coldfire is suggesting !!!

My Server is only joinable at midnight…this sucks for someone ho got to get up early in the morning.

Yes make this happen especially number 2!!!