A major update now

Your analogy here fails because the point is that they aren’t “crimes”, at least on unmoderated servers.

Guess people understand it. First of all you need to check and prove that my statement is an analogy before you can check if it failed. I advice you to look up the word anology in the process aswell.

This is a statement devoid of content.

Unmoderated official servers have no rules apart from the hard limitations of the game. Furthermore, this behavior isn’t banned because it isn’t really well known, hence the videos publicizing it.

That is not strictly true. There are a (very few) things that are not allowed, even though it’s entirely possible via game mechanics. Walling off the starting area, just to use one recent example where people were (deservedly) banned from official servers.


Yeah, but those are the subjective rules requiring a moderator, which is why I said “unmoderated”. All that aside, moderates will never be able to keep up with griefers and trolls in the long run, but, the devs can remove exploits and bugs like this. which they don’t do quickly and efficiently. With a bug reporting system that either doesn’t work or is sluggish and unresponsive then reporting issues like this in public is the right thing to do.

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:smiley: It’s not devoid of content. It’s about “subsumption” and syllogism. But forget about all that.

This behavior isn’t banned because they don’t have the ressources to enforce rules even if they would set some in place. Harassment and Griefing Issues

I do understand the argument that everything is allowed on officials. I can follow that logic. No problem. But in this case it’s astonishing that a majority talks about “exploits”. By that logic we should call it ‘just playing the game’. In fact there is a feeling of unfairness coming with it. I guess this feeling is not only caused by people not knowing how to use these “strategies” but also because they have an idea about the game developers intentions related to the game design.

I’ll make up an example to not talk about a real thing in Conan.
If I meet you in the game world and I kill you by drinking from my waterskin. How do you think would the majority of players react to that?

It’s also interesting that “exploiters” themselves call what they do “exploiting”. This word has a negative connotation. If you ask exploiters how they would describe their behaviour I promise you that most of them will say that ‘it’s not okay for others (their victims) but…’ I ask them and not when they just destroyed my game but when I talk to them in Discord or on Steam.

And now, this is the problem with sharing exploits with the public. You could argue that this equalizes the chances but many people will, if they have to make a decision, decide against using an exploit. It’s about personal attitude and a sense of fairness and whatsoever. You might call them dumb. Idk. But showing an exploit will create more exploiters and more victims. It might even work and make FUNCOM react faster but I can’t advocate it. The end doesn’t justify the means. Atleast not for me.

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My point is that it’s not strictly true that official servers are unmoderated. They very nearly are, there’s certainly no day-to-day moderation, but in extreme cases a moderator may (emphasis on may) peek in.

True, but the presence of admins/moderators and the knowledge that breaking the rules might get you banned would have some measure of preventative effect. Not a lot, perhaps, but some.

Unlike certain MMOs there’s no financial incentive to “cheat” in CE, so the “professional” crews will most likely not bother with this game. All that is of course moot since there’s simply nowhere near enough financial incentive for Funcom to devote resources to policing official servers in the first place.

I disagree. I respect where you’re coming from: You clearly want the exploits gone just as much as I and any other honest player does (perhaps even more since you’re willing to risk breaking Forum rules to do so), and have lost faith that doing it “the proper way” will work. But I don’t think sharing exploits publicly will help.


That’s how people, that the vast majority would call exploiters, defend their actions. They claim that they do nothing wrong because the game code “Allows it” (similar to the palisades). Even back in Atari days we would call those people cheaters, so it’s nothing new.

I can definitely agree that my concern with shedding public light is that a larger amount of players can begin to undermine the game code and exploit it. Hopefully, your friends have been contacted or responded back to by Funcom now, so that the rest of the videos don’t have to get made public.

Edit: Is @Tascha’s response in BUG: PvE-C Palace Destroyed (not by purge) [GAME BREAKING] what you and your friends have been looking for? Public acknowledgement of fixes in the works.


That is why I play against the game, single player, may invite a friend but then I am way far away from any friends that I would want to play with.
The game has it’s own issues and those are quite enough thank you. While those ‘bugs’ are still being worked out I will remain a single player. Do I miss the interaction with other live people? Sure do, gut then if you have to deal with Bugs, code exploiters (cockroaches) and all the ‘good people’ have left then it is probably a good guess that a single player experience will be more rewarding for you.
Besides on single player you are/can be the admin.


Retaking OP’s point. Let’s talk about timing.

17/09: today, we don’t have any kind of clear calendar of fututre updates.
07/09: 4 weeks ago, last new content uploaded to Testlive.
13/08: 6 week ago, last Live hotfix (minor one)
05/07: 10 weeks ago, last Live hotfix wit relevant bug fixing (“mother of all patches”)
08/05: 20 weeks ago, Official launch, last time new content was uploaded to Live.

With these numbers, Funcom, are you seriously thinking of maintainig your playerbase or have you surrendered and consider this as a dead project? When will have we next update on live? On Halloween? On christmas?

November is coming.


17/09: New patch to TestLive.

Subjectively, increased efforts of communication, clear dev presence in-game and commitment to future. Objectively, incremental patches to a system based on feedback. They are listening. They are playing.


I have seen too many broken good intentions last year and a half to believe that.


As Ayn Rand said, the road to hell is paved with them. That’s why I think they stopped explaining, and instead began demonstrating what they’re made of. History in the TestLive branch, among that healthy testing community, has shown what I’m saying to be accurate.


I don’t know but I strongly doubt that FUNCOM will actively get in contact with any exploiter. I would understand that. Why make a script kid feel that important or honored?

I advice to play the game or hire someone who really plays the game the way players really do and not how a developer imagines it to be played. I do have a job and yet I’m still ahead of the development when it comes to the knowledge of exploits or bypassing lazy fixes. I just had to think about the past when FUNCOM decided to put a temporary decay timer on Dragon Powder/Jars to fix a problem. I just converted all of it into explosive or gas traps and after the decay got deactivated I dismantled the traps to get it back. Took me three minutes to find that solution when the patch notes got published online. Don’t want to brag about me being sooo smart but I play that game since day 1 and yes I like testing stuff and finding solutions for problems or challenges.

And then I watch all the dev streams and the gameplay showcased, the fixes put out there… often it was not thought through entirely or the focus was on the wrong thing. Or even worse, the showcased gameplay (fighting NPCs for example) was shown in an unrealistic way on purpose to cover up the bad AI. But I don’t even want to insinuate that. Let’s pick up the palisade “exploit”. That strategy didn’t hurt anyone. Now people use a different strategy. Fair enough. Let’s talk about having to use bugs to attract fish in fish traps. Who cares when on the other hand there are armorers missing in the game? Obviously instead of finally putting the Zingaran armorer IV in the game it was more important to fix palisades. Even if one is not connected to the other from a technical point of view you can still criticize the communication or overall patching strategy.

To sum my opinion up: I think it’s more important to first focus on what makes the game experience more fun and more fair. It would also be smarter. After every content patch people come back in waves to check it out. This positive effect gets equalized by all the old skeletons in the closet. I want hotfixes asap separated from content patches. Of course I also come to that conclusion because I doubt that the PVE content will ever be enough to satisfy people focusing on it specifically. And the recent exploit shows in a drastic way, as I wrote some time ago, that the first thing you need to take care of is what players do to other players and what affects their gameplay.


This is the best game ever made.


I don’t think Ayn Rand can claim credit for that one (though they might well have used it) :slight_smile:

Just wanted to share that it does not plague everyone playing. Maybe “almost” everyone or “most” everyone, but not everyone. When a problem is experienced by everyone it is so much easier to find and fix.

I find that major updates are a PiTA. I would rather have regular updates…but not frequent updates because that is a PiTA as well.

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I don’t think Ayn Rand can claim credit for that one (though they might well have used it) :slight_smile:

I don’t think Ms. Rand would even be capable of saying such a thing due to her adamant position of Hell not existing.

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Any timetable on the ps4 patch, and purge have worked like poo since the game released… ive played on the same server since launch (official) and ive only seen it twice… my meter has been full for a month lol.


I’m not claiming she coined it. Like my quote reads, as Ms Rand said. She also repeated a version of this axiom on the Phil Donahue show. I think it falls in nicely with the discussion of second-handers as in The Fountainhead.

She is also quoted as saying “when I die I hope to go to Heaven, whatever the Hell that is.” Just because I don’t believe in hell doesn’t mean I can’t write about it, or philosophize about it. Other people believe in it.

What’s happening now in TL is smaller, less obtrusive “course corrections.” I’m pretty happy with the default thrall teleport change, just instituted in the latest patch and as yet quite unsung. :slight_smile:

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