A mesh glitch that crazy no base safe

A glitch where you mesh by grabbing a placed wall log out and it pushes you through a wall

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I think a bug report post would be in order for this…
Also, appreciate the PSA. Sadly though not everyone that lurks or participates on the forums has the fair-play spirit, so i guess this is a PSA for both sides.

Guess there’s never been a better reason to foundation-wall it up, lousy as a workaround that may be.

I really would like it if we could lock some more items like preservation boxes and storage crates… i understand it if crafting stations can’t be locked but i’d really like it if those could be locked.


Yeah bro best too not leave stuff on benches they can go through foundations and the mesh I don’t know really how too report it if you could that would be great bro

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