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So I asked to have my account deleted, they said “ok please comfirm”
I confirmed.

So what do they do, they just change my username and keep the account active.
They leave the name available for someone else to impersonate me.

It is bad enough I have people inside both servers pretending to be me, now funcom is having a jolly laugh waiting from them to come to the forums and do even more damage to my reputation and brand name.

Lets look at EU GDPR that was passed, funcom is failing that in ever way imaginable in my case. Not only failing to protect players, but literally throwing people out to the wolves.

I was over a lot of this Utogi @#%. It was something I worked to build for over decade, and now watching Funcom deciding to simply destroy it because of there [email protected]#% game code that has been hacked and exploited to high heaven, it’s almost hysterically ignorant.

You all want to play this game, we can play this game. #goodLuck

If you wanted to protect the name why would you delete it? Just don’t play the character and the name would have been secured. :confused: Sorry you’ve had a bad experience.

They could’ve of inactived the account and held the name in place. Databases have that ability to store items when triggered to 0 . if triggered 0 = user deleted // though it is still in the database and can’t used by anyone else.

So you asked for your account to be deleted, and funcom did what you asked. Now your complaining because you couldn’t think 5 minutes ahead that someone might use that name wguch I’m pretty sure you don’t have a copyright on? Give me a break. It makes no sense why you would take the extra effort to ask for your account to be deleted instead of just not playing it. 100% on you.

And if you wanted your account to be inactivated, then you could have just not played it. My accounts been inactive a number of times since the game came out … when I wasn’t playing it.

One of the main problems with older games is alot of names have been taken. To expect a company in that position to ‘delete’ your account in such a way as to freeze any future use of a name is fairly ridiculous.

It sounds like Funcom did exactly what you asked. Nothing to complain about there. Excellent customer service.

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How is being able to log in to an old forum account , and unable to change the username , what I asked for ? I never seens a community this sadistic because of their protection of hackers and cheaters.

When I say “delete” it would imply the name and e-mail would be wiped. Or does delete mean something different in Norway ?

Doesn’t matter now, I’'m here now and continuing to fight for the fun gamers in AoC who don’t cheat.

Dude it wasn’t even inactive, I could still log into it. and my name was wiped off the account. It’s unreal this visceral of hate for people who hate cheating.

You guys just have to understand the mind that resides between utogis ears. HE is the baby of fury. always whining and crying. Making hollow threats. Trolling global from the safety of khemi. Accusing EVERYONE of using exploits. I mean he has even said in his view that USING A CUSTOM UI SHOULD BE CONSIDERED AN EXPLOIT. Just do yourselves a favor and ignore this cat. He isn’t worth the bother.

No that’s exactly what it means: to delete > to get rid of everything. You just need to take the next step > it’s now available for someone else because YOUR information has been deleted and that ‘empty’ space can now be filled by someone else.



  1. Did you create a new account with your old name once you realized what happened?
  2. Funcom went to great strides to be GDPR compliant; no personally identifiable information is shareable unless you give it out personally. No one recommends that you do this.
  3. I searched for Utogi to check your claim of brand damage to your 10 years of gaming but only found NPCs from other games, and tourism info for the home of wasabi paste.

never heard of you in over a decade :smiley:

now get lost

This guy is just trolling again, just like he did in the old forums.

The part of GDPR you are looking for is, ‘the right to be forgotten.’ When you say, “delete me,” your account is anonymized (renamed) and all of your personal information is erased from the server like it was never there. In programming we call this: You Asked For It You Got It.

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