A minor oversight for your attention and a thanks

Game mode: SP or MP (Unofficial)
Type of issue: Minor oversight
Server type: PVE/P>Experimental
Region: America

Moon reflection on water still traverses where the old moon use to be.

First of all, I want to thank you for setting the moon in the right horizon and having it travers the sky in the correct direction.
Night sky is amazing with twinkling stars although they no longer traverse the sky. (I can tell the stars were also changed …kudos).
It’s also amazing to see moonlight shadows being cast correctly.

But there is just this one minor oversight and I’m sure you’ll get it sorted out soon enough.
At night, as the moon crosses the sky … If I look in the direction where the “old” moon use to cross … I can see its reflection in the water following the “old path”. (from west to east).

It seems the sun still rises and falls the same as it use to, from west to east. No big deal … I’m sure you’ll sort that out.

One thing my friend happened to bring to my attention was the face of the moon. It seems we’re looking at the “dark side” of the moon now. (the side which normally faces away from us).


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