A mod for rescuing drowning thrall

Dear Modders,

I love the solo game very much, and I would really appreciate if some of you could make it a little bit spicier by creating the following mod :
when we stay too much longer in the water with an knocked out thrall, the later might start drowning.
We would then have a limited amount of time to reach the shore to perform moth to mouth respiration or an heart massage through some quick time event for instance.

This way we could no longer runaway from every threat just by swimming all along the way back home after having captured a VIP thrall.

Thank you in advance for anyone that will try to create this mod

Seems very specific for a mod so few people would actually want. If a tied up thrall can drown, maybe any thrall could drown. In a mod like this I think thralls would be dying in the water all the time. I’ve had followers decide to go for a swim for hours for no apparent reason, just floating underwater.

Remember when thralls could die of fall damage? And boy would they ever fall

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Thank you for your reply, I thought it was possible to make a difference between uncounscious thralls and the other one

Yeah I guess if you made only unconsious thralls drown it would make sense. They can’t really hold their breath. It’d be a funny way to finish finish off mobs. Lure them into shallow water and knock them out lol

Seriously, your idea would made the gameplay spicier, but I am sure it is kind of complex. Plunging their head as a finish move in the water to make them unconscious for a while after they fall down, and they revive them

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