A mysterious package



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Don’t think anyone blames you :wink:


Are you telling us you still haven’t solved it? Sheesh! :stuck_out_tongue:


I do. :rage:



Did you catch that 256143 is a six digit number, and from the visible sides of the external hexagonal prism the number of hexagons on each side is different?

If we go by the number of tessellated hexagons on each side, the sides that are visible in the photos have 1, then 4, then 3.



after jumping through old thread for first time…I came up with more questions only…like why file name is unlock and password not password or unlock. that’s just clever concept but very tough puzzle.


It very much seems like there is Much more to FwRNqEM.jpeg
That side seems to be fabric, and i highly feel like it must be opened, Is it hollow in any way?
Does it feel like it can be pressed in or accessed through the Hexagon in the middle?

Also second thought: The void seems like a Third person analasys to the emptiness of an deleted file, and i have been speculating that the MicroSD cards need to be recovered as a test to see if files are in the “void” if any,

Im going to be leaving suggestions as i go along, Much thought process, much interest! loving this! :slight_smile:

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I’ve completed the knowledge transfer, albeit it’s a bit compressed compared to the original thread. NOW SOLVE IT!

My best guess: We’re one step from solving it, password for the zipfile is the final step. And the password is to be found in the note.


do you have access to the box?
Im very interested in the fabric side of the box, and beleive it was placed there with intention of hiding something behind it.


Doesn’t look like fabric to me… its more likely the side that was at the floor of the 3D printer…
Scratch that… zoomed in and it looks a little like glue and something behind that side… but its hars to say from just the picture…


The box was 3d-printed, as Kasumi suspected, so the texture you see is from that process. Also, last we heard it was at the Funcom offices, so we’ll need to hit them up if we think there might be some clue in the physical object.


So i turned the note upside down and flipped it, and the e’s and s’s looks like numbers now and the T’s like plus’s

Something maybe?


Went further into this and Discriminated the numbers directly to +'s and came up with:
6066266062 which converts to “N” in ACSII

Just prodding this thing in every way my mind can come up with :smiley:


I just had a thought.
I was re-running some missions in the Savage Coast for Agents just now and it reminded me of one of my least favorite missions. The Theme Park one where we have to use lenses on the Will. Has anyone tried looking at the Note through the semi-transparent lid of the Box?
Also, all those crinkles and the very, very odd shape of the paper itself are intriguing. In the close up from a couple of posts ago with the reverse image I can just about make out a couple of letters faintly around the words. Perhaps the clue lies there. The author did say it was ‘in’ the note. I seem to remember from my school art classes that there should be a way to make an imprint of those crinkles on another sheet of paper without damaging the original, but I cannot for the life of me remember how it was done.


Not sure if this has been tried before.
I looked at the note in a more literal way, it tells you to off set themselfs from the tenements.

As in
Off set the word ‘themselfs’ from the word ‘tenements’

The way themselfs and tenements are written off sets the letters by 2:

My theory was that the word ‘themselfs’ is the key and by off setting the letters by 2 would give the correct password. But so far i’ve had no luck.

‘themselfs’ off set by 2 to the left: rfckqcjdq
’themselfs’ off set by 2 to the right: vjgougnhu

Then i tried to off set everything to see if that could be the password.

Everything off set by 2 to the left:

rm sljmai rfc rpsrfq
md rfc tmgb mlc ksqr
mdd qcr rfckqcjdq
dpmk rfc rclckclrq
md ilmul pcyjgrw.

Everything off set by 2 to the right:

Vq wpnqem vjg vtwvju
qh vjg xqkf qpg owuv
qhh ugv vjgougnhu
htqo vjg vgpgogpvu
qh Mpqyp tgcnkva.

That is all i got for now, hopefully this is a step in the right direction :slight_smile:


Holy crap.
I think I might actually have something here.
Looking back at the Note the word ‘Themselfs’ is really odd. Specifically the last ‘s’ is strangely placed. It is offset, down and a bit to the right. Meanwhile the word ‘Tenements’ is also a bit odd. There is extra space between the first ‘N’ and the second ‘E’, almost as if a letter has been removed. Placing the offset ‘S’ into that position you would get ‘Tensements’. That is actually a real word, as is the term Tens Ements. The first seems to be French or French derived, the second some form of really old legalize and I cannot really find a definition at all, other than it seems to have something to do with Land and Property Rights. I can’t seem to find a good modern English definition of the first, but the best French one I could come up with is:

A. - " Protection, defense, relief "
B. - " Right that the vassal (or a convent or a city) pays to the lord to obtain his protection "

From http://www.cnrtl.fr/definition/dmf/TENSEMENT

This gives us the message:
To unlock the truths of the void one must off set themself from the protection of known reality.


It’s always good to stretch before exercising, but not when solving puzzles. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think this puzzle requires some stretching though, that note is the key to the password, and we need to try everything :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion JOrifice :wink:


Collective puzzle solving are like brainstorming sessions. All ideas are welcome, all ideas are investigated and possible built on. One does not reject ideas on gut reactions. Snarky comments does not belong at all.


Didn’t Umagon say that we were going down the right track but then went off on a wrong turn essentially?