A mysterious package



I gathered no indication that the Umagon had examined the concatenated files uploaded to the TSW forums.

Although I trust the efforts of those others who have done it , I still go through the recombining process myself, In case this is where a misstep has occurred.


Really dumb question, but has anyone tried if the full text of the note is the passphrase? It’s a tenet of known security reality to never write the password down in plain text.


It has been tried yes:)


Your reply made me think of this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ci44G8j1F0


2(To) 1(un)lock the truths of 0(thevoid) 1(one) must off set themselves from the 10(ten)ements of known real80(ity).

No, it’s not the passphrase. But sometimes something just hits you as obvious.


That’s a good one though, never came to mind here:)


Could someone try 1knownreal80 as the passphrase? Turned my computer off for the night.





Another thought struck me. Remove the 1 from 10 in binary and that equals 0. Or… 01 NOR 10 is 0.

That’s a really long setup for a math pun.

Oh, and 0 is off while 1 is set when you’re talking binary flags… so is it a NOR operation using ‘themselfs’ and ‘thetenementsofknownreality’?

themselfs NOR tenements does not give a passphrase, so there’s more to it, I’m sure.


Until this point the puzzle has used hex so a sudden switch to binary for the archive password would be questionable.


This puzzle looks really amazing, did you get the result?. Solving this type of puzzle is always a brainstorming activity.


We still haven’t found what we’re looking for. Read OP for recap of what we’ve tried.


I wonder if TSW/SWL knowledge will be required to solve this. There are puzzle and ARG communities out there that this could be posted to if not. There are more of them than us.


I’ve just found this thread and searched around to see what I could dig up. Here are my thoughts:
As far as I can tell, just by looking at it, “off set themselfs from the tenements of known reality” is literally telling us to find the word themselfs, in something that can be called the tenements of known reality, then use a neighboring word. While themselfs has been interpreted as a misspelling, it is also the archaic version of the word, quite commonly used in this form in the books google threw at me, from the 17th to 19th century. The problem is, there are way too many books, and I have no idea which to look at.
The other thing is, that the tenements of known reality could refer to a real life building, which is in accordance with offseting yourself, or to be more precise, setting off yourself. This aspect of “off set themselves”, meaning to set off, physically, should also be investigated. The question, again, is what tenements to look for? What country even?


tenements of known reality

Sounds to me like a math or physic book

the flat of the know reality is a place where the rules that apply to our reality are written down.

So it demands us to ignore math and phisyc

I guess


Unless the note refers to the tenth song on RL’s album Ements.

That’s probably a joke.
I think.


just stumbled over this


not sure if it has something to do with it

but hey the Symbol looks exactly like the cube


In the tenth and final dimension, we arrive at the point in which everything possible and imaginable is covered.

Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2014-12-universe-dimensions.html#jCp



The password is in the note in one form or another!
It’s a player made puzzle, no relation to anything or anyone else.


The pass-phrase is made up from the characters within the note but also contains numbers despite no obvious number characters shown, so I messaged the creator for confirmation, who replied that It does have a number listed.