A mysterious package



Those are both words not number characters though…

Edit: My interpretation is that the pass-phrase contains numerical digits that are ‘listed’ in the hand written note…


The "o"s could be interpreted as “0,” the lowercase "l"s could be “1,” lowercase “e” could be argued to be “6,” “h” could be considered “4,” both “m” and “w” could be argued to be “3”…

But most keenly, unless there was an accidental dragging of the pen, the “k” in “unlock” is stylistically distinct from the “k” in “known.” The first one looks like the kind that has a closed-loop top, and naturally written–where the other not only lacks the loop, but the top and bottom branches are distinctly separate…and it looks like a sideways pi symbol. (I forget whether this has been previously mentioned, and pi is too short to search for, but it seems fair to bring it back up in any case.)


For all it’s worth, the password apparently isn’t “π3 +c” (or, de-spaced, “π3+c”), which is the line of actual characters one gets by turning the node 90° to the right and ignoring everything above what is the space in “off set” on the original note.


1: im not english fluent but it could be a different reality (PoV) to explore.

2: trying to understand the “set off”, i assume you substract “Themselfs” letters from Tenements but i understand set off as doing an anagram. and in particular moving only MS letter as if it was written “set off the Ms” its kind of bold text inside the “themselfs” word. this is my limit i cant find or understand anagram related to that and understand it.

3: trying the hexadecimal track i note by pure coincidence that the shape of the T from the note are = 10

imput data : 10
convert: hex numbers to text
if i remember that particular cross the alt code was… Alt+ 0134

Maybe those information can be linked to the Pi number found in the K upperletter.

4: by curiosity i looked MS binary code
M: 01001101
S: 01010011
by substracting them i got 00011110 which give me the symbol, then i refer to the molecules already found and it correspond to the Mirtazapine.

and here i give up cause english give me headhache, i have no knowledge of informatic languages and it seems to be a requirement . Enjoy the quest, hope i wont send you in worst pathes.

edit post scriptum: i also check if “the MS elfs(themselfs)” was an special name for leprechauns living in tenements (buildings) until i noted plural of elf is elves…:sweat:



“M’Self” tips fedora at the mirror

Forever Alone


Honestly, whatever the solution to this puzzle is can’t possibly live up to the years of suspense. As much as I’d like to see that it was actually solvable using the clues provided, I think some mysteries are best left unsolved.


The real treasure is the friendships we made along the way.


Couldn’t help but think of this quote from the late Sir Terry:
“The jailers had taken the map off him, of course, probably while he was busy being a dead man. It was a good map, and in studying it Mr. Wilkinson and his chums would learn a lot about decryption, geography, and devious cartography. They wouldn’t find in it the whereabouts of AM$150,000 in mixed currencies, though, because the map was a complete and complex fiction. However, Moist entertained a wonderful warm feeling inside to think that they would, for some time, possess that greatest of all treasures, which is Hope.”

– Terry Pratchett, Going Postal


Just found this thread, and with fresh eyes. Forgive me if this has been noted before.

off set, could this mean remove S, E and T from themselfs and tenements
when you put these words over each other the letters t, e and s line up perfectly.


reading the word set (backwards) in both words.

Another thought was. Did anyone try taking those shapes on outside of box, (which appear to be numbered, ie the number of honeycombs making the design) and laying the designs over the note to pick out sets of letters to make a word. The words used in the numerical order noted in the design?

Edit: all is in the note but it has numbers and letters, another possibility = leet speak eg. set = 537

Maybe something or nothing…Found drop box from original forum posts showing the files. Noted the file sizes 80 240 133 144 288 112 put into order as words appear in note (based on the hex to alpha conversion of file names). That gave 24028811280144133. Convert that from decimal to alpha/text gives 圄 = prison (wiki definition symbol is … han…meaning prison or arrest)

More thinking (brain will explode soon).

If you off set yourself from reality you enter Virtual Reality? could the files be done in some type of virtual reality or 3D format? (way over my head) I found this:

THE VOID is a location-based entertainment company that inspires the exploration of fully immersive, virtual worlds with friends and family.
By combining interactive sets, virtual reality, real-time effects and state of the art technology, THE VOID allows guests to step beyond reality.

VRML files. Files of the type *.wrl have VRML content, which stands for Virtual Reality Modeling Language. At present, the technology is not virtual reality so much as a way to describe 3-dimensional objects which you can explore on your screen by moving and rotating them

@Nordavind can we get confirmation if this will affect our results.

I was going to download the 7zip but read this.

Why 7z archives created by new version of 7-Zip can be larger than archives created by old version of 7-Zip?

New versions of 7-Zip (starting from version 15.06) use another file sorting order by default for solid 7z archives.

Old version of 7-Zip (before version 15.06) used file sorting “by type” (“by extension”).


I am not the creator, nor do I have contact with the creator. Maybe @MKUltra can relay the question.

For other hints by the creator, look here:


Yes, i realize you are not the creator, “we” included you. That is the link I used and it gave a list of different 7zip choices to down load. Different for different systems, and for different versions. After reading about how different versions treat things differently I did not know what version to download. Or if it would make any difference. tagging @MKUltra


Doesn’t matter because the files are parts of a rar. The missing bit of info to proceed with the puzzle is the password for that rar (which according to puzzle author is all letters/numbers hinted in the note), not some mysterious problem with file formats. Any version of 7z would be able to open the rar.


ok thank you for that.

my next thought was could it be something simple like . off set (take out s,e,t from tenments the change ten to 10

leaves you with 10men


I was just lucky enough to get some info during a casual conversation, of which the hints are still subject to interpretation and therefore potentially more misleading than none at all.

However, I do recall the creator used HxD a free downloadable Hex editor to initially split the files, which does contain Offset as a function (finding a value between two points in a file).

Also, don’t forget that the detonator may actually be a passphrase rather than just a word (or two).


i am using a file, unlock.rar that someone put together from all the files. I would not know where to begin doing that.

Following the latest thoughts i looked at combinations of phrases with 10men, maybe I missed one.

then I thought, maybe the one must off set themselfs from the tenements… if one was removed it would leave nine. strangely there is fact or myth an ancient group … the nine unknown men,… said to have protected the people from ancient knowledge. Seemed that they would fit right into this game.

Will have a look at that hex thing tomorrow. Never worked with things like that before. This is a bit different to the normal url riddles I have done.

Do we know if there is a min and max limit on what a pass phrase could be?


Anything less than 4 letters long has been tested for sure, maybe all 4 letter options too.


Hmm more questions, why is it that note shows, truths but file shows truth,
also in note it is … the and void but in file names it is shown as The and Void

2 files, The and truth, are shown as different encryption style, Chinese symbols others are not.

Yes, off set function in the hxd application was used to divide the file into the 6 smaller files and unlock is the first.

The biggest hint for me was that this puzzle uses pattern recognition. Could refer to patterns withing the text. That would explain why there is an s at the end of truths on not, but not on name of the file (truth). Also letters match up eg. t…e…s…in tenements and themselves when putting one over the other. so do we need to offset the lines to match up letters then find hidden words?

Is the words of the text in the right order, does this also need to be offset to read differently?

hmmm… this is all consuming.


I think you’re overthinking the solution. From past correspondence with the puzzle creator, the solution isn’t that complex and we were on the right track before we suddenly went off in the wrong direction. The solution shouldn’t be that abstract, but there is probably one step that the creator sees as obvious that to any of the rest of us will not be obvious at all. Of course, knowing the solution makes everything seem obvious. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s the trick when making puzzles.


I had also read that the pass phrase contains numbers and characters. What is not known is how long the pass phrase is and where the numbers come from. The most obvious is one and ten.