A mysterious package



Possibly. But your method of attempting to get to the phrase seems a bit complex. Not that you’re definitely wrong, but from the understanding I have from the creators comments, the more complex the method the less likely we’re on the right track. Occam’s Razor and all that.


yes mind is just searching all possibilities of what this could mean. I know it will be something soooo stupidly simple.


That’s my guess, too. Something simple, but obscure. It will likely seem obvious to the creator, but it’s not that obvious to anybody else.


currently playing with how things look on the note and this pattern recognition thing.

First thing i notice is at the start you have

a coincidence or a deliberate template for a pattern?

The note when i look at is reads … off set theMselfs. There are 3 words with M in it. when lined up the row following the m going down reads USE
if I use the way those letters at the start read (down also down and across ) I can see also see the word… sent. other things, the Ten, elfs, tents, themselfs.

I read somewhere that the maker confirmed that the passphrase works. Did they test that on the rar file that Tilty linked to us? From what I have read, if that is not correct we are up the creek without a paddle even if we do hit on the right passphrase

This also seems very interesting. Detonator… fully primed… not made by a guy (not Guy Fawkes?) a plan (to blow something up?)
when looking again at … off set the Mselfs from the tenements… taking blocks from each word (off setting) you can make … the ten elements, then left with some letters, could they be symbols of elements. Also what appears to be capitals… K (possibly potassium) and other letters like an e that could be a c (carbon)… are there hidden letters that make element symbols for gunpowder/fireworks?

(head hurts)


This is not a clue. 4 it only refers to point 3, about the player who confronted the creator. And 5 should be read straight forward.


yes i realized that they were talking about the player, but wondered if the words used were chosen carefully. Seem a strange way to say that the player does not have additional information or know anything about the password or contents. Also they started by saying… since it has been a year… that seemed to indicate they were giving an additional hint to us.


It’s been five years. (Edit: Five. Math is hard!) This started in October of 2013 and we’ve not been able to solve it since.



oooh I hope the person that made it is still around. I was working slowly through the original posts but also trying to look at it without other influences.


Hard to believe it has been that long.


Five, but either way, still quite a while.

I’m pretty convinced at this point that the creator is just not as good at making puzzles as they seem to think they are. It’s cool, but it’s been five years. There is no payoff that is going to live up to all the effort put into this.


Whoops. My bad.


Yep. And the puzzle author indicated that they weren’t interested in giving any more hints.


And the community doesn’t seem to be interested in putting any significant effort into solving it anymore.


Well when the creator says it’s something simple, and people are overthinking it, there’s only so much you can look at it before deciding you just don’t know. It’s not like you can get 1 letter for every 20 hours of clicking on revenant butts slowly animating around, you either see it or don’t.


Significant effort was put in. The original thread on the TSW forums is over 46 pages long for crying out loud. I’m actually kind of offended by your claim. We made a lot of headway and then evidently went down the wrong path. Without a nudge back in the right direction, people eventually gave up. It’s like I said earlier. The solution probably seems extremely obvious to the creator, but it’s something that most other people will not find intuitive. That’s why puzzles should always be tested and vetted by multiple outside sources.


They said anymore. And it’s true. Nobody is putting in significant effort anymore because of all the reasons you stated.


Ok, yes. But also yes, because of the reasons. I think anyone who was interested in this has exhausted their ideas and has become exhausted by it.


I’m willing to bet someone has said this already, but 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

(Also, to the creator of this ARG puzzle and the 3D printed honeycomb - you’re awesome!)


Or perhaps the password is the Question that was plucked from Arthur Dent’s mind?

If only I could recall the exact math equation… It’s been too long since I’ve seen and/or read Hitchhiker’s GttG.


I was just looking at this thread during a bout of insomnia and thought that many of those reversed letters strongly resemble the Greek letters used in mathematics. Probably just a misfire of an exhausted, flu-riddled brain, but here’s a link: