A necessary break

My dear fellow exiles and dearest Funcom. I will take a necessary break from the official servers and the game it self.
It is more than 3 years now that I play this game, the experience was fantastic most of the times, in every aspect of the game. Online gaming and this forum gave me the gift of meeting wonderful persons some of them are true friends and I cannot thank you enough for it.
However I really need this break for 2 very important reasons.

  1. In the official servers I play, (only pve the last year, I quit pvp and pve c a year ago) my builds are not so big but surely effect negative the server performance. I have stored items for more than 2 years now, thousands of them. I have old thralls, old crafters, etc…
    Want it or not, I am a disaster for every new player wants to enjoy the online gaming, but I don’t have the guts to dismantle. In all my gameplay I couldn’t throw a stone down, so I just can’t do it.
    So I will use the game mechanics to decay everything I have, this will make it easier for me.
    2.I don’t feel challenged anymore. Challenge was Siptah until I get everything, but I got it there too. Now if I’ll continue in Siptah I will cause problems in another official server too.
    So for these 2 very important reasons and the minor of “obsessive habit”, I decided to take a break for a couple of months, so I will start from total 0 again and have reasons to Play. Plus I will surely miss my Bella - Farm & build, so I will definitely return :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

By your permission, I would love to visit the forum and chat with all of you guys, because this forum for me is the only social media I use and some of you have a place in my heart and you know it.

Thank you for everything!!!


Have a great break Exile!

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People don’t understand what it feels like until they have to go through it. As I began to dismantle my brother’s ambitious castle I started to find little sweet hidden caches. Some of them not so sweet. Overall it left me feeling bitter.

I wanted to quit, and then a friend whom I value in real life and among the Celestial Chess Players simply reminded me of the absence I would make on the server.

Don’t go unless you have to @stelagel, for it may be good for you in the near term but the people who will miss you will suffer. I’m there beside you in spirit whichever way you go.

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I already had these reactions, it was bitter sweet as well. My decision is done however. I want everything to decay. I want to miss it and come back. I want the chaos of the beginning but the will too. I want to loose my sleep on a Saturday night and turn my head to the clock and see that it is 5 am, ohshit, Angelika will kill me if she understands I am still awake playing :rofl::rofl:.
Now I fall asleep with the joystick in my hands when I play Conan, that means that I am full of it.
And I want to do it right. This forum among others help us think and play this game correctly. @Pugilist was right, I feel liberated already, but it is not enough, I need to miss it because I love it. My Profesional journeys are helping my relationship with my wife, so I guess this will help me with my beloved game. I say couple months, meybe less maybe more… I really don’t know, but I know in my guts I will miss it for sure, count on it :wink:.
And again my dear friend, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, I own you a lot here and you know it


Be well, stay safe, conquer the world.


It was good reading and knowing you brother, stay adventurous…!

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