A needed change to help playerbase

Something I think that drastically needs to be changed. This is something I think is the most insane thing I have seen in any MMORPG.

$10.00 Character slots… What is that?!?

When you could be whatever you want, “maybe,” but $10.00 is still way too much!

If you are a subscriber you should get at minimum 3 at zero charge. I have never seen or heard of an MMORPG that only allows you “ONE” class unless you pay to play another or delete one. Sure you may be able to swap weapons still and then put points elsewhere, but taking the option away at the beginning then forcing points in a direction makes a waste of time for starting.

Furthermore, there are people that want to play more, but also try to stay in line with friends. Only way they can is by spending $10.00 more?

Silly idea… How about letting people have one more free slot, and see if they spend on cosmetics and such on two toons while keeping the playerbase online more often?

This really needs to be addressed, and is the most wonky greedy business model I have seen. I’d go as far as it is almost as bad as those asain top-up pop-up P2W games. (Not TSW itself, but the one character slot model)

Keep in mind that you can use the exchange to turn Marks into Aurum and just buy it for 0$. Did that for my 3 extra slots.
One thing to note: When using ingame currency new alts make there (ingame) money back after 1-2 months of active play and after that print you ingame currency.

I don’t think it’s that easy to heavily impact a character in it’s story progression by switching weapons…story sets the bar low so that you can experiment and still be effective. Heck Jimmy showed you can get through the story with 1ip top.

The game has no classes and you can unlock everything on a single character.

You also have the option of creating another account if $10 is going to blow the bank in-game or IRL. All of the game’s content is available to you for free.

Frankly the real problem is that you’re capped at 8 slots per account. :wink:

In general juggling accounts isn’t a very funny thing to do.