A never ending sea of problems


I hate to have to make a post like this but email support isn’t working. I can’t find a live chat option any more (since now I’ve even been locked out of my PAID account) and I can’t even find a phone number.

For days now I’ve been trying to resolve a myriad of never ending problems. I’ve allotted a given amount of time to play this game the way I want to. I started off by making one account (successfully) and I tried to buy some grace (I am a long time veteran since 2005 and am coming back for awhile but my old accounts are gone and I wanted some creds to get me restarted) and I was told the account has to be 30 days old. As ridiculous as that first problem is, fine, I used a froob account that is a few years and made it into a paid account (I plan on making a handful of accounts anyway).

I made all of these purchases with the same debit card. When I tried to purchase that third account who woulda thought? it locked me out. I thought I had already paid for that account since I was indeed charged a third time. Turns out I was double charged for the second account so seemingly that’s why it locked out the third account i tried to make?

Through this whole process it wouldn’t let me change any of the account passwords, only the game passwords. It would let me change it from within the account and told me it was successful, but after logging out and trying to log in with the new password it just gave me the same error. Forcing me to click the forgot password, get a temporary password and then it would let me login with that. I’d try the same process again and it would fail again with yet another new password. I tried this a handful of times with different passwords to see if it was some case sensitive problem, but the problem persisted. I gave up and just held onto the temp passwords for the time being. (oh and now that I tried to make that third account that failed, which was also a froob account, into a paid and then it failed, now it won’t even let me log into that account without paying again since it is now classified as a paid account). They say they’re refunding me for the double charge, but now I have to wait a few days for the refund to show up.

I was told I need to wait 24 hours for the system to allow me entry (seriously? I’m emailing you showing you I AM me, run whatever checks you want to, give me a call, whatever, so just reset the system for me). So now here I am, 24 hours later.

Now? now I try to login today and what surprise do I get? Now it won’t even let me log into my ALREADY PAID accounts. Accounts that I just paid for. At least it was letting me do that much with the temp passwords yesterday. I tried doing yet another forgotten password, it gave me a new password, and now it won’t even accept that!

I’ve allotted a certain amount of time to play this game and I only have 2 accounts running now and I can’t even play the way I had planned on until I can make the other accounts. (No, I don’t multibox in pvp. Yes this is allowed. No it isn’t the issue. And this is just the way I enjoy playing. Not having to rely on others while I’m leveling. So please don’t give me further grief about the way I enjoy my game time. I’m not hurting anyone else). And honestly I can be all the more helpful to an org and the community in general with the way I play (as I already have been to may last org all the years I played up until 4-5 years ago). Now I have to just wait twiddling my thumbs while my personal time runs out and my purchased game time counts down.

Please whatever GM is out there please help a guy out and resolve these issues in a timely and favorable manner. The system may be automatically set up to lock out too many failed attempts but the fact that I have written countless emails and am now forced to post here shows that this is a situation the system has insufficient AI to deal with. It requiers human intervention to solve an honest mistaken problem and make it right for that person. Skynet need not apply.

I sincerely apologize for coming off so furious and nasty. This isn’t normally the way I am. I was quite looking forward to joining an org, helping others, accomplishing quests and raiding. And just generally getting my nostalgia on. This has just put me over the edge.

Thank you to for reading.



Hello @Thors, I’m very sorry to hear of the trouble you’ve had with your accounts. Unfortunately, this is not something we can assist you with directly through the forum due to the sensitive information to do with account details, but I’ve got your most recent email ticket in front of me and will be replying there with more information as quickly as possible. Thank you very much for your patience so far.

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Sadly, this is not too dissimilar from my attempts to give them money. I can play my froob accounts just fine, but try to give them money with my paid accounts, and whammo! Locked accounts until I manage to talk to customer service PEOPLE.

i.e., their billing app sucks bad, and pretty much guarantees that you’ll be locked out until a person fixes it.



Tell me about it. In case this helps anyone else…I finally managed to get this done after a week of trying by opening accounts as sub accounts to a master account (used 2 master accounts and 2 sub accounts to each master). Plus I had to use 2 different debit cards as it locked 1 out. On top of that it double charged me twice on 2 different accounts (at least this was something they were capable of dealing with).

The best I was told was that there was nothing they could do and insisted I wait at least a week (after first being told 24 hours, which didn’t work).

I am not blaming the GMs. This is not their fault. However AOs billing system SUCKS and needs a serious overhaul.

PS I tried making froob accounts from my tablet over the air (so new IP) and it let me make 2 accounts but then locked me out on the third attempt. So it seems anyone wanting to make more than 2 accounts is gonna get screwed. This is a HORRIBLE way to deal with credit sellers. It’s just like game companies methods to combat piracy. All you do is screw the loyal customer.



Well something similar just happened to me: my account is paid until next July and I wanted to take the Halloween special offer to get that nice broom. So I used PayPal as payment and 'lo and behold, it instantly jumped to “Payment failed, try again”, my account is now frozen and I can’t play anymore. Well thanks for nothing! Why do you make it so hard to give you money? The last 2 times I tried to pay with PayPal, it gave me an error, so I retired with Creditcard which eventually worked. But a day later, the PayPal retroactive did work and I was charged twice. I was able to get a refund, but I’m not going through all this again. Please… Funcom: get your payment problems sorted out, it’s really annoying. You’re punishing people who are trying to give you extra money by locking their accounts. That’s not funny anymore, I’m totally disappointed.

ps. Did I already mention not having live chat anymore and not replying to support tickets? Or receiving emails with

If none of the above helps you solve this issue, please send an email to account@funcom.com including your account name (but not your password).

and when I send an email to that address I get

Thank you for contacting Funcom Customer Service.

We no longer accept requests for support directly via email.

To open a help ticket please go to [funcom help url]

It makes me so angry…



I apologize for any inconvenience, @Nadya, but directly emailing the support address won’t deliver an email. Please go to funcom.com/help and submit an email ticket using the form on the page. Feel free to DM me the ticket reference ID after you submit the ticket and we’ll be happy to help.



I also miss the online help… this mailing system just… DOESNT WORK. It takes ages to get a reaction, petition in game doesnt work either. It’s not fair to let people their ingame time run out because of their failing system.

I Would recommend a special support service for the not unfreezing of an account after the payment is done. Since this will make you loose alot of money… Iam so close to just rewinding the purchase, unbelievable a game would like to miss close to 100$ a year because of a failing system (and this is just one customer, ive read atleast 20 comments of people with the same issue, Its about real money here, just start getting this payment sht straight damn).