A New Dawn: destroy the Guardian

Hi all,
I am trying to destroy the GUARDIAN but I am not sure whether my charachter is strong enough. Could anybody check this out for me ?
Do you know of a quicker way to upgrade my weapons and talismans ? They’re all in purple colour.
Thank you in advance,

Purple gear with AA set to 90% dps or higher is plenty good enough for that fight. You may, however, need to pay closer attention to the mechanics of the different phases. It’s not a dps race.

What’s 90% ? All my purple gear is still lower than 10. My rifle and hammer are at 14. It takes ages for me to upgrade them with green gear.

90% Anima Allocation, [SHIFT]+N, set it near the top of the triangle.
It will take time, but watch what the Guardian does during the fight.

It’s been a while since I last did this fight, so this may not be completely accurate. This is the last fight in the mansion, correct?

  1. The guardian spams bad stuff on the floor that will damage you, so you need to make the sparking(?) areas mostly overlap (so the whole floor isn’t covered) and also ensure you have clear areas to move around in
  2. After enough damage it will stop while he fixes it. There are critical spots (I think left arm, right arm and backpack) that you hit to progress. Killing all three spots will end the fight.
  3. To be explicit: 90% damage, 10% survival unless you have a lot of self-heals. I haven’t run rifle or hammer (chaos/pistol for me) so I don’t know what their abilities do.

I think Aeryl is suggesting purple 1 is enough. I’ve seen toons in the New Dawn area with blue gear; don’t know if they’ve actually completed it. I suspect that some of them may be second or succeeding characters. When I first did it I was a lot higher than that, but I’m a filthy casual :laughing:.

While upgrading superior gear(blue) with green items, especially if it’s the same TYPE of gear(doesn’t have to be the same NAME e.g. belt with belt; same is true for fusion!), works quite well, at purple gear it’s recommended to run content that gives distillates:

Dungeons: For talisman and weapon distillates and the occasional glyph distillate.

Scenarios: For mainly glyph distillates with the occasional weapon/talisman distillate.

Lairs/Megabosses(MB’s)/Regionals(e.g. Essence of the Many Limbed): For mainly signet distillates and occasional talisman/weapon/glyph distillates.

Manhattan Exclusion Zone Raid(MEZ), better known as New York Raid or NYR: For talisman and weapon distillates and MK IV weaopon upgrade fragments.

I can’t remember what character level you need for all, NYR is Lvl 50 iirc for Story Mode and probably for lairs and MB’s too. For dungeons and scenarios and NYR elites it depends on your Item Power(IP) and you can see what’s needed if you open the activity finder with ctrl+v and click on the different activities. Check the Looking for group or general chat for stuff people wanna run or make a group yourself. If you’re not a group type you can run scenarios and story mode dungeons by yourself, story mode dungeons may be a bit challenging though.

For the Guardian fight, play around with the Anima Allocation(shift+n) to adjust you HP+Protection(the blue part called survivability, the green part for your healing power and the red part for damage), avoid his attacks that show up as the white outlined areas on the floor and equip 1 or 2 abilities for selfheals/damage mitigation and make use of a healing gadget if you have one.

I might be remembering something wrong, but isn’t this fight happening under the influence of Equal Footing-like buff? So level of your gear shouldn’t matter, only extraordinary effects, weapon suffixes and signets will affect you.