A New Haunting Dlc

I haven’t seen a mod about it so far. I would love to see a Funcom Dlc called Ghosts of Hyboria were your character ventures into an eerie land to fights ghosts, poltergeists, and demons inside of a haunted castle. After the player finishes the quest, it will unlock “haunted house” furniture so that the player can build their nightmare home. Furniture like hanging cobwebs, old weathered broken chairs, tables, ragged tapestries, gargoyle statues, and such.

No, please no, coz a certain someone will insist on another 200 feat points… for months to come…

Just no… :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


One of the features of dlcs hereafter should be that they are not behind a paywall.

Coz yeah. DLC is always free…
Would you like fries with that? They are free… something I’ve neverheard… :roll_eyes:

Feats are always a great challenge so yes oh yes. :wink:

Well okay you got me on Dlc paywall. OR I could do some 3d models myself? I just need someone with the skill to add my models to the Conan Exiles Dev kit.

Ok cool… I didn’t know you were talking about cosmetics… my apologies and good luck, I’m sure some hare can offer some advice…

I guess it was the paywall thing… cosmetics have never exited me and when i needed to spend point to get war paint for my journey… it was wtf…

But free gameplay with paid cosmetics or paid game with free cosmetics. Easy choice I think…

I used to play this online social game where people could create clothing designs etc, and they could sell them in a store for in game currency…
Great idea, but not really Conan…

But keep creating… keep submitting. One day a door will open…

Doesn’t really fit the theme IMO, but as a mod - by all means, go to town. Mods can do anything, and I’ll applaud them all (won’t install them all though).

Dude, from what I understand from the novels that’s been around for over 30 something years, is that they have demons and ghosts in the universe.

Mine aren’t cosmetics. They can be useful in the game. From furniture to weapons. I’ve been doing modelling since 2012.

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Yes they have been… one of armies Conan scenes clearly involves ghosts, a resurrection was it… been a few decades since a saw it… but my understanding was that it’s a rare thing…

I wasn’t knocking your idea, just that it’s not something I’d be into…

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I have often wondered (calling all lore afficionados), are there any other monsters/demons/creatures, etc from the Conan universe which arent already in the game, but could potentially be added? I would love to see the bestiary expanded if it is possible.

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Off the top of my head Conan’s run into the Black Ones, big carnivorous plants, an alien giant made of metal, evil statues that came alive in the moonlight, some sort of winged apeman…wizard, and some…dogfaced ghoul things? I don’t know, it’s been a while since I read The Hour of the Dragon. Oh and Red Nails had what I feel like was supposed to be a magically resurrected dinosaur written with a grasp on paleontology that can only be described as loose at best.

I’ve only ever read the original Howard stories though, no doubt there are others in the Conan Expanded Universe™.

Problem is a lot of those things I listed either tended to end up dead pretty quickly after Conan showed up in their general vicinity or were stuck in one place due to this or that magical curse, so putting them in the Exiled Lands might get tricky unless they decide to play really loose with the lore.

Which is one reason I like the idea of a new map, it would provide the opportunity to include more stuff from the lore that they might not be able to easily use otherwise.


They have a number of creatures.

Evil spirits
Shape Changers (not so much like werewolves but more corrupted beings that can exhibit animal or feral appearences. Often these could be deseased peolple as well)
Man eating plants
Possessed people resembling demons
Conan had more swamp monsters.

Truely most of Conan lore suggests that supernatural beings were more or less a result of sorcerers using spells. Necromancy and Demonology.

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Hmmm…so there is a chance the bestiary will expand when sorcery is added. Cool.

Just curious peoples, were vampires ever part of Conan lore…??

I belieeeeeeeve so? Again, it’s been a while, but I’m pretty sure I recall Conan running into a Stygian vampire in The Hour of the Dragon. And I wouldn’t be surprised if other authors included them in their own Conan stories after Howard’s death.

Ok and one last one (I hope). So a little more if you please about what ‘the outer dark’ actually is, and also would it have any creatures to contribute?

The nature of the Outer Dark and what lives there was never expanded upon by Howard as far as I know. In fact I don’t even recall if it was ever mentioned by that term in any of his stories, though if it was I’d venture to guess that it was largely influenced by H.P. Lovecraft, since the two of them were friends and often included elements of their work in each other’s stories to the point where Conan and the Cthulhu Mythos could be considered the same canon. Which if so then the idea would probably be not to elaborate on it, since one of Lovecraft’s major themes was a fear of the unknown (see also: his laughably hysterical racism).

My interpretation of it is that it’s either another dimension (or dimensions) existing in parallel to our own or even an aspect of this dimension that we simply can’t normally see or interact with due to the limitations of our human senses. Or it might just be outer space, as it’s pretty heavily implied that a few of Howard’s monsters were extraterrestrial in origin.


Ok thats great. Great job and very informative replies @BoogerParty. Here…a very well earned heart. Lets hope that some of these aforementioned creatures can be added in to expand the already awesome bestiary we have.

Sound super generic and doesn’t fit into the Conan world. Just no…

@StormKat2035 Those novels are little more than a compilation of the original short stories that were written in the 1930’s (nearly 90 years ago now), by L Sprague De Camp and Lin Carter in the 1960’s (almost 60 years ago). I own most of those “novels”. But yes, you are correct that ghosts and demons exist in that universe.

There are MANY MANY other critters that could be added.