A new magic system (sorcery, wizardry)

It happened in a definitely non-canonical movie. The allusion to Howard’s works, ie. Conan getting nailed on a cross, happened in A Witch Shall Be Born, where Conan was rescued from the cross by some tribesmen and healed because he was a tough as nails badass barbarian, not because “a wizard did it”.


We have a counter to sorcery. Its called an axe.


Or, as my favorite author put it:
“Battle magic is difficult. Magician has a trick. Another magician counters the trick. Third magician counters the second. Fourth magician tries to help the second. They’re all standing around trying to best one another and the army comes along and chops them up.”

  • Raymond E. Feist, Shadow of a Dark Queen

The movies aren’t canon, like at all.

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There’s one more step. “Wizard laughs at chopped up magicians who tried to fend off an army with a deck of cards, a flock of doves and a rabbit.”

same thoughts here. I ve seen the trailer a while ago, and it get more and more clear to me that it might fit the Lore of the world, but not my kind of style of gameplay. I try to help and cleanse the exiled lands from the evil. Cutting throats on altars for bloodmagic doesnt fit there. I ll keep fighting with my bow.

Steve from Vienna, 2500h+ in CE

They did great job on making new sorcery system even though it took 4 years after they promised us.

What I am worrying about this is that new bugs/glitches will show up with the sorcery :roll_eyes:

This game must be one of the best if only there wasn’t issues with bunch of bugs in the game.

There are reasons why players been constantly complaining about in this game much more than other games in average. I have played hundred of games, and this game is pretty much the only one where I see players make bunch of forums about massive bugs and complain about it. And now, even myself does that. The only game I made complain so far.

Just add offensive spells already. :))


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Then you haven’t played many Early Access games. When you go from Early Access to Full Release like Conan did, you end up with a playerbase that’s very engaged AND a playerbase that’s entitled to having their voices heard. That’s the cool trade-off of Early Access. Conan is a shining example of this openness to engagement.

Another survival game I’m playing right now is howling with complaints at Steam. For three weeks they were howling about an FPS bug. This other game has been in EA for 4 years, and is doing the traditional developer “Bunny Hop…” two steps forward, three back. We saw none of that from Funcom, and while they’re much quieter now, they are still keeping their doors open.

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I think a lot of people don’t realize that authors such as JRR Tolkien, Lewis Carroll, and Robert E. Howard were hard core Christians and used A LOT of Christian symbolism and concepts in their fantasy literature! All of these men took on huge theological projects like Bible Translations and such. For a Christian all magic is evil and all unnatural things by definition are ungodly.

So this idea of what it would be like if it existed needs to be put in proper context. To the Christian mind there is no such thing as a “White Witch” or a good witch - as the word “good” shares it’s etymological roots with “godly”.


Hey danky, I’m not a dev but I played a grad student once on tv, is that close enough?

In all seriousness, whenever a new edition of Conan arrives, I’ll be there to help break it. It’s what I do. I’m sure when 3.0 comes to TestLive, I’ll be there too. Do you have any specific concerns I can watch out for? I have a pretty good list of fixables myself, and I even created a thread a time back to help keep me focused. Thanks in advance for your contributions.

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