A new map / explore new worlds



Aye, I think that’s realistically the only way it could work, even if there was “room to spare” on the current map (and I know there isn’t, or not much of it anyway). For performance reasons alone it’s a given that another world would live on another server instance (could conceivably be the same physical machine though).


Not just ‘conceivably’. Currently my Conan server process’ performance is such that I could theoretically run 15 of them on my own server without hitting any max in CPU or memory. Despite what people think, server performance issues are not often hardware related, but much more often an issue with code optimization.


Oh I didn’t mean it’d be impossible or even difficult to run it on the same physical machine in general. I was specifically thinking in terms of the information about the official server hardware Tascha shared with us the other day.


I like the idea of a contest, and new map, but i have a question.

Will a new map with the same items really give the playerbase anything to work for?
New colors will not cut it for me, it should be hard mode, because you have allready played to 60 and know youre way arround the game, so to have fun in the new world you need experience to make it, but also new stuff to find and use/build.

If the new map turns out great, and im sure it will, then it must include some revamps of items and level req, so you have a incentive to complete the existing game to moove on, and i think thats a great idea for an expansion pack wich i have been pushing for in the past.

Even better if you need to complete stuff to go there, and know beforehand that it is needed to go there.

A new map with more of the same will not give me much really.
Character developement is what matters to most.

Remember the diablo series, where you ran the same maps 3 times to peak level, but everytime arround it was harder to make it, and the items was adjusted along the way so you could grow with the game as you proceed.
And only in end game the really phat loot was aweileble, and even there the items didnt drop for many many players, it was the exitement of maybe, just maye if i complete the dungeon for the 100 time it will drop, and you feel some sort of achievement and push to do it.
This may wery well be just a recipi8e, thats fine.

These things fall together in the idea of a new map, slightly different, but harder.
Or maybe just have some incentive to run the really nice dungeons more then 1 time, items will do that, not new skins.

It all comes down to preference i guess, for me items and char developement is important, for others they can keep on feeding the thralls and log off, because after you have reached 60 now thats exactly what you do beside pvp hours if you have a fight on going.

Basicly, new map, great stuff.
Old items and the same level cap/zones, not good enough allthough the work modelling them is top notch it will not make me play the game all over if theres nothing new/bigger/better to get my hands on.


Or Narnia!


You have great intent, But Mounts can’t happen on this map and environment. But another map can do, in the mod kit you can see that the mammoth and the camel are the only ones to be modified.

But lets go further. Let the game be open up so that they can FIX building placables so they don’t lag servers. Or give access in the toolkit so game servers are not so single thread fixed so that more of the hardware can be used for the zeons out there. I mean anyone with some engine background and a AWS certification can help. Auto mods will offer this IF they listen. There last stream mentioned auto mods are in the works because modders had to explain the process since steam does not have the extension for it. The final notation is a more optimized mod toolkit so if you dont have intel “threadripper” it wont crash if you try to see the topology.


Why not take a note from Ark and similar MMO games where different servers host different maps/regions?
Further, why not implement a cross server transfer system that’s tied into sorcery and/or summoning creatures out of lore to transport you over to the new maps and back? For balance (and limiting technical debt) nobody could transfer to another exile lands server other than their own (From which their character started from) but they could transfer to new map servers to go on dangerous quests or fight other players from other servers (PVP keeps the game going after all) Asset transfers could be limited inbound to the new map servers but taking loot back with you could be less restrictive. If you died before summoning an eagle/demon/dragon/whatever to take you back to your home server, you just lose everything and respawn back on your home server missing whatever you gained previously on the other server.
A new map server could also mean a way to get around current tech limitations with the current map too.


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