A new player here and just wondering something

Hello, I was just wondering, is it possible to completely control Island of Threa? Like build my foundation on that island, or will the hostile mobs be to much of an issue for a new player? And this is on single player.

they won’t attack your buildings, if that is what you mean. You and any thralls you place could still be threatened, though.

If you’re using mods like LBPR that let you build closer to NPC villages, your foundations can block the thrall spawns, if that’s what you want.

When you build on top of spawners (or literally next to it), those mobs will no longer spawn.

If you have purges turned on, purge is the only way your property will be attacked. Otherwise if any NPC that happens to be nearby, will attack you and/or your followers if they are within range. So depends if you removed all the spawner spots from the island, then the island will have no enemy mobs available to cause havoc.

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