A new way to play conan. A PC server

The Forbidden Texts [RP-PVP 18+, Slavery, Professions, Player Economy]

PC Only

Server Concept:

The Forbidden Texts is a hardcore roleplay server focused on delivering a hyper-realistic and authentic version of Robert E. Howard’s Hyborian Age Lore. Built by a community of experienced developers, content creators, and roleplayers, The Forbidden Texts attempts to draw upon their collective experiences to offer a completely new way to experience the game and redefine what true roleplay feels like.

Roleplay Concept:

The aim of this server is to facilitate roleplay which is truly unique and revolutionary. With settings and mechanics that are as unforgiving and realistic as possible, every action and choice matters. We offer a custom-made profession system, updated rule-set, and a truly immersive hardcore environment. You are not the hero, nor the chosen one. Nobody is coming to save you, you are just another inhabitant of the gritty world of Hyboria, and Hyboria does not care about you. Choose to be a thief, a scavenger, a mercenary or warlord. Choose to be anything you want, but first you’ve got to find a way to survive.

What The Forgotten Texts offers:

• A uniquely harsh and gritty environment that focuses on realism!

• A player driven economy!

• A realistic profession system that drives the player economy!

• Server narrative directly guided by the players.

• Realistic re-balancing of Attributes, Weapons, and Armors

• Friendly community!

• Savage Wilds Map