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Hi, I’m new playing Conan Exiles and want to know there is a person dressed in black and with Alligator with him standing to look around and next thing I know he disappeared I’m around the area pass Broken Highway who he is?

Hi LaraCroftEyes1 and welcome to the community! I have been playing since launch time on console and have not yet encountered said person and his companion. Thats not to say that he was not there, it could be a new addition with the most recent update, or perhaps another player who logged out, Im not sure. Could you possibly share a little more detail about your game mode? For example, are you PvP or PvE, PC Xbox1 or ps4, on an official or private server, any mods installed? I will check it out as soon as I can, but if you can give us some more details it will help.

Ps- just for the sake of certainty, can you tell us the coordinates on the map where you saw him…?

Hi I’ve been playing since EA and never encountered this apparition pls more detailed intel

Playing Solo and I’m near skulker’s ends and when my character faces the direction to Sentinel I see warrior type Character with his pet and then I try get closer and next thing I know he disappears.

Ok thats interesting. @LaraCroftEyes1 I will boot up my game later today and see if I can catch a glimpse of this mysterious, elusive customer and track him down. I am a purely Offline Singleplayer myself, so our games should be pretty similar. And as such we can rule out him being another player spawning in/out. However, I must caution that the result could as simple as a bug. Ill look into it.

Welcome to the community @LaraCroftEyes1

My guess is the person you are referring to is a wandering spawn and an alligator that spawns near it. The alligator and the wandering spawn actually fight each other which is why they disappear. Here is the wiki link for what I am referring to may help you narrow down your search.



Yes that him.

Yes, that place is a spawn point for elite exiles (1 skull). The croc is not a companion, it just spawns nearby and often kills the exile if you are not fast enough to kill the croc yourself. That is, if you want to catch the exile at all :wink:

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