A Philosophical Question

This would be in PvE.

Say you’re running along, pass a fort, and encounter some pretty bad lag. As you round the corner of the fort, you see the owner chopping up bodies, of which there are more than 30. You think to yourself, “He’s just had a purge, that explains the lag.”

As you run by down the narrow pass, you find yourself surround by Nordheimer fighters, Bears, and Ladagara. Your only direction is back to the fort, due to it being an ‘Army of Nordheimers’ purge wave. You and your follower fight off your attackers, and you see that the base owner has been killed, along with a number of his thralls.

The thralls don’t seem to be making any headway against the bears or Ladagara, because they have truncheons, as you find out later when the base owner is upset that you killed the things that killed him and his thralls, because he didn’t need, or want, your help.

So, the question is, should you bother to help people when you find yourself in danger from their purge, or sit back and laugh as they die?

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I would say it’s up to you :wink:

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I have helped in some one else’s purge but only people I was in contact with. I agree with @Kanza1 it’s up you . Sitting back watching him die would be entertaining and then looting the thralls bodies .Seems you where being neighborly.

What galls me most is he said it was “uncool” of me to jump in. As if I would just stand there and die to appease his sense of dignity. He was dead. His thralls were getting their butts kicked.

Then he had the nerve to accuse me of looting the bodies and taking the Frost Giant horn. I have 10 horns, and no Frost Giants placed anywhere. Why do I need or want that stupid horn?

I guess I should mention that I was naked…no armor at all. I wasn’t looking for a fight. I just found myself in the middle of it.


Looting the bodies would have been something he would have a right to be upset about. It wasn’t my purge. Even when we all fight in each other’s purges (we have a pretty active community on our server), the spoils go to the purge owner, unless otherwise stated.

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It seems that what you did was justifiable and just helping out especially when the other players help each other with purges.

My feeling is that it is fair to rescue this sieged fort.
The Lord of the fort would be fair to offer you a part of the loot, or a warhorse, a famous sword, his daughter etc…


Well honestly i understand that it’s on a PVE server , and that people can find somewhat uncanny to be “helped” by others, but you shoudln’t choose an online public server if you don’t want any interference from others , I mean if he is solo , he could play solo , or if he has friends in his clan a private server or dedicated one would do the trick. You tried to help and for that it’s nice of you , now next time he gets a purge just enjoy the show.

He gets no help from me or anyone else on our server. Funny thing is, His clan mate who was online at the time wasn’t there to help at all.

My personal creed:

Defend the weak and fatherless, Bring justice to the poor and oppressed.
Rescue the weak and needy, deliver them from the hand of the wicked.

Works in life, works in gaming


It would depend on player… If i knew or cooperated with him in the past (yes i am the kind of player that asks if anyone needs help)… I would act accordingly. If i knew him NOT , i would ask in global if he wants help… If answer was no or silence , i would pass by. (I consider no an answer i should respect and someone being silent just too busy to get my help)

So unless he was a nice and friendly teammate or clan (which for sure i would help as we have this on the server i am on , it would depend on his choice…

(but to be fair… if he was wrecked by the purge i would still ask him if he needs any kick start after the purge… u know some tools and stuff to begin over… (yeah i am a kind one :P)

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Must be something in the air because I was just asking a similar question of the folks in a Discord I frequent.

If you jump in to assist another player fighting an enemy in the wild (not necessarily getting a purge) and you wind up making the killing blow, have you stolen their XP? Does anyone know how XP in PvE is doled out?

  1. Everybody involved gets the full amount of XP the enemy drops
  2. Each player gets a percentage of the XP the enemy drops
  3. The player landing the killing blow gets all of the XP

I don’t want to be the XP-stealing d-bag on my server, but I also don’t want to watch other players’ characters die.

Edit to add that after the encounter, I don’t even look at the dead enemy because the loot absolutely belongs to the person who started the fight.

as long as you and the other person have ‘hit’ the ennemy , you will both receive XP on death - not a percentage , but the full xp the npc/wild creature gives to both of you


It’s hard to get xp when they aren’t following. Darn near impossible in fact.

I should have noted this is console, so no global chat. He has his account set to private, so I couldn’t contact him at all. Honestly, if I hadn’t lagged and been caught in it, I would have kept going. His clan hasn’t made themselves any friends on our server, and we talk to almost everyone.



At 1st, your clearly trapped to go backwards and not into the pack of enemies…

I mean, in all my years of online stuff. Someone will mess up, and they need to communicate with you what there doing, after you tried to help.

Or make it clear when you pass by, that they are indeed trying to nab thralls. Seeing trubs isnt a clear sign, cause some peeps are lazy, lol.

Forgiveness is nice.

I never really take someone being mad to seriously. They may have saw you take out t4 they wanted… and were grumpy. So they snap… Long as both parties chill out.

All good. In my book anyway.

Its people who start on a rage tantrum like 5year old that you passed by, and keep it going like your worse person in world. XD

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I am an economist, and in our field there is a saying:

  • If anyone presents a complex question and want a simple answer, the answer is always “it depends”.

Complexity and dificulty are two different things. This question is easy, and complex.

First, it is up to you, really.
Second, it goes with the “community”, or with the “other person”.

As with IRL issues around the same question, you have to think what is the nature of “help”.

The fable always in this cases goes as follows:

“The man saw a butterfly struggling to get out of its chrysalis and decided to just pull a little bit so the little thing could ease up the burden.
What followed was the agonizing and long death of the insect, which could never develop properly its wings, as it was what happened during that struggle to emerge.”

The nature of “goodness”, or “help” is too complex to be a case of “yes or no”.

But I am sure laughing off of someone else’s struggle, needed, wanted or neither, that is does not compute.

You could laugh off of someone’s misery, helping that someone or not. It is an entire other issue.



The guy died. Some of his thralls died. Thralls he maybe wanted to capture died because of you. So I would say it is no wonder he was upset, mad and maybe overreacted.

Did you ever try to help a disabled person in public? Some times they might get upset, because they don´t want to feel they were “in need of help”.

So NO, it´s not up to you. It´s up to the person you are about to help. In some situations, you are not able to ask in advance. But if you really want to be helpful, you should be aware that your help might not always be as appreciated as you might think!

If you are a generous guy, you should be forgiving about the bad mood of that guy, give him some time and reason to reconsider that you wanted the good :wink:


Not to make too fine a point, but no named thralls were harmed in the making of this film. I’ve been doing this for a long time.

In the short amount of time I had, it looked like he was in trouble. He didn’t return until the wave was over, so I have no idea where he was. I could have just let the bears and Ladagara have their way with his thralls. I expect he’d have had a problem with that choice as well.