A player handbook

So does this game.
The description of iron ingots, steel ingots, brimstone and steelfire all tell you how to make steel, though the name of “steelfire” alone should be enough, along with a tiny bit of real-world knowledge that steel is an alloy.

Show me the steel.,harden steel and star metal bar recipes. What none? Best way to farm resources recipe guide? None

Most new players don’t know how to get bark. I hate the wiki.

Hey buddy most new players don’t know you need an alchemy bench to make steelfire.

Which is why they play the game… This information is also shown in the feats. Are you implying that new players would not look at the things they could learn? Not to mention the brimstone description does say it’s an alchemical component. Should be obvious.

Player handbook explains in full detail what can be built in each thing. It also helps players finds bugs and glitches so they can be fix asap.

What part of star metals screams Black ice? Star i’m thinking stone and fire. Steelfire makes more sense than black ice.

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Other than what I’ve already pointed out? The description of Star Metal ingots.

All the information players need is in the game, but if you feel new players are so stupid that they need an external source of information for every tiny thing, then feel free to write them a handbook. But they can already find all this information online if they don’t want to spend time reading and figuring things out in the game.

Anyway, my point is that I feel a handbook is completely unnecessary, but sure, some people would want it.

No t wasn’t, I didn’t know and tried just eating them raw when I first started playing

Haha. I ate some raw mushrooms too just to see how deadly they were (description says it’s not a good idea).

Yea when I first started I basically didn’t bother with any descriptions, just headfirst into everything. I can see where you’re coming from to an extent, especially with Minecraft our into mind. I changed my mind, you’ve sold me, find out through experience does make for a better experience

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Well it wasn’t my intent to change anyone’s mind, I was simply explaining how I see things.

I did the same think when I first started, I just went in head first and didn’t read anything until I had a base and was settled in a bit. Then I started reading everything to learn more about the world I was in.

No it just made me realize that a handbook would take away from it, plus the exile lands are filled with jerks, who would be making a handbook for every new comer? It kind of doesn’t make sense thinking about it now, players on the other hand could craft some notes and leave the around in noob river, but that’s up to them

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Maybe a merchant in Sepermeru could sell handbooks. :slight_smile:
I still wouldn’t want one, though.

The handbook has it’s own option. Press start or whatever that key is and boom a little guide option for those in need of it. Clicking on player handbook takes you to a help section. You don’t have to click on it. Just as you don’t have to click on settings.

It’s a survival sandbox game, it shouldn’t have to spoonfeed you all the details. Go out and explore and experiment like everyone else, or fail at the game, alternatively resort to the external resources that other players make such as wiki, the exiles database etc.

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You can stop kissing this game and wiki ■■■. I shouldn’t be forced wiki for all the answers. Each stat point is listed and what it does. This is useful for players who never played an open world sandbox survival game.

The player hand book is a tool. You don’t have to use it.