A Plea From The Heart

Funcom, can you please activate the Halloween content in TSW for those of us who prefer the original game. It can’t be that difficult surely. The code already exists and it’s just a matter of switching it on. We don’t want to be forgotten.



Not activating the events is bad manners, especially when they provide items like Jack’s Head which are not available elsewhere.


They may not want the two games competing for players for the same event. I can see that there might be some issues there.

What if they activated Halloween on TSW after Halloween on SWL ends? Sort of a follow-up event for people who just can’t get enough of candy…

I could live with that if ti meant that I could do the Spooky Stories missions again and take part in the original Jack summoning, which is far more fun than the dull SWL version.


Don’t forget that SWL still hasn’t caught up to the number of events that were available in TSW.

Is it really going to take five years before we get everything back? Nevermind we may never see the Horsemen event again. How do you even revamp that for this game that’s not camping a portal in Agartha?

So yeah, I would love to replay some of the old events again. Seven Silences anyone? I was disappointed it wasn’t re-released this year. (Another missed opportunity as well to cross-promote The Park.)


I loved the Seven Silences. It was a very well written coda to The Park, with some wonderful setpieces. I loved the part where you were chasing your clothes through the streets of al-Merayah. Silly and hilarious.


I just remembered a nice Easter egg in that mission. In the dream with the collapsing ceiling, once you escape from the room, you can look through the other doors in the corridor and behind one is the TARDIS.

I always believed that Lorraine was understandably very angry at us and the CoV for bringing her back to life, and she then joined The Swarm. I was expecting her to pop up in a later storyline but it was never followed up sadly.

I took a screenshot of it back then. Here it is.