A post- South Africa question

… do we actually fly intercontinental, from New England to South Africa, on a pseudo-Cessna? is that even possible?

Maybe we fly out of Kingsmouth to an international airport? Or maybe it’s a special plane? Perhaps we get into the plane and the magic aliens do the rest…:alien:

Easy, the plane is fueled by anima and the pilot by a six pack (or three) of Bingo Cola.


Considering we can teleport there instantly I don’t think it’s too hard to believe a small plane could make the trip using some sort of similar magic.

We make a stop in Tampa don’t we xD? Maybe it’s a small plane away from Maine, big plane across the ocean, prolly another small plane after that =x.

"A tiger!?! In Africa!?! "


Must have escaped from a zoo…

Taking the question at its most mundane level (no supernatural shenanigans), proooobably not.

Transatlantic flights on aircraft that size do happen, but they route north through Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and then Europe. That’s a longass flight with a crazy cultist. Though I suppose if you don’t want to be noticed at any ports of entry, that’d be the way to go…

That’s John’s thing. I’m pretty sure Che smokes the stuff that’d make Cheech and Chong say pass that bowl our way, man.

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As a guy who love that things are plausible in games, I didn’t mind traveling with this tiny plane. I took the loading screen as a homage to classics like


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Tikal is in the wrong place.

Because it appears to be situated on the coast?
Indiana Jones does have oversights when accurately representing places in history.

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Granted the map is not to scale, but it appears to be in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

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From what game is that pixelated map? Wanna see Cadiz on a classic game as it’s part of my country.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.


Get it here: https://www.gog.com/game/indiana_jones_and_the_fate_of_atlantis

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