A Primer on Opinions


I know… I’m actually going there.

But after reading so many threads and posts that read: “This is my opinion. I don’t give a shyte about yours.” I think a bit of a primer on opinions is necessary…

See, generally an opinion is useless unless it acts as a calibrator for a solution.
Just saying “No” to a calibration is like pushing the undo button over and over again, every time a frequency doesn’t align with your own. That’d leave one with a frequency everyone else doesn’t resonate with.

I only have a deviant opinion IF I have a solution to offer. Otherwise I need to learn more about the situation. If I can’t be bothered to get the full picture, I don’t have the right to influence it. This is why every time I open my mouth at work (which is rare), the room goes quiet to let me speak. It’s the “Spock effect.”

If we were to combine the opinion of absolutely everyone, and make sense of the underpinning situational, experiential, cultural and historical constellations that make up such opinions, we’d come up with a frequency that resonates with everyone but the bored of trolls.

To have an opinion is to add a variance.
But to have an opinion despite other opinions is to reject being part of something greater. That is the illiteracy of the 21st century.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ” ― Alvin Toffler

I’m not really into religion, but religion makes the science of wisdom digestible:

Excerpt from http://www.letgodbetrue.com/proverbs/commentaries/17_28.php

Speech reveals character (Pr 15:2; 29:11; Eccl 5:3; 10:12-14). Careful, deliberate, profitable, and proper speech marks a wise man. Hasty, impulsive, vain, and froward words mark a foolish and wicked man. A fool seldom says anything profitable or suitable (Eccl 10:3), but reducing his words will cause others to think he is careful and deliberate.

It is wise to see and hear well, but to say little. You learn by listening, not by talking. You should not talk until necessary or profitable. Others will assume your silence indicates careful observation and deep consideration of the topic and a deep search for the right thoughts and words before speaking. Has a wise reputation ever been so cheap? Never!

The tongue is dangerous and easily hurts others (Pr 10:19; 18:21; Jas 3:2-12), so wise men limit words to avoid sin (Pr 17:27; Job 13:5), and they study before speaking (Pr 15:28). It is better to be swift at hearing than at speaking (Jas 1:19-20). God gave you two ears but only one mouth. Cutting your words in half will then match your anatomy.

Ah, but the fire to speak burns in some men (Ps 39:1-3). They cannot quench this fire; they cannot reduce the heat; they cannot rule the impulse; they must talk, now! What a curse to have an unruly mouth and tell everyone within hearing distance that you are a fool. Close your mouth, and even though you truly are one, no one but you will know it.

This proverb does not apply to all men, as some do not speak enough. Wise men learn the balance, not too much to be foolish, enough to be a tree of life (Pr 10:21; 12:18; 15:4,23). It is this careful application of absolute Bible statements that results in truth and wisdom. If you press this rule on quiet men that seldom speak, they would never say anything.

When I don’t have an opinion, but my soul yearns for expression, humor is my best friend.


I was going to make a flippant or sarcastic comment in response to just the beginning of your post. Then I read all the way through it. Oh boy… I was almost hung by my own petard.

Thank you for the wonderful reminder that the tongue or in our case the keyboard is very powerful.

For me those are more than just tidbits of good advice. Those and everything else in there are life’s guiding principles. However, my Pastor can tell you first hand it doesn’t stop me from murder, mayhem, slavery, and a little cannibalism for good measure. :grin:

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I try to live by that, and try to keep my mouth shut and only add something to a discussion if I really think it’s worth it.
But sometimes I MUST make a flippant remark :wink:
Does this make me a wise fool?

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That’s the best kind of fool <3

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So you’re a sophomore then? :joy:

No, I guess I am too old for that :thinking:

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