A "Purge me now" button for those at 100% Purge meter for days and those with plans in RL in the evening

It´s not that crazy hard to defend small bases against purges. Big bases? Sure. Best location bases, even more so.

I don’t get it… since when did this turn into a discussion about the actual difficulty of a purge?

I want purges to simply H-A-P-P-E-N for gods sake. I don’t give a shyte if it’s easy or hard. Preferably ridiculously hard. But it just needs to HAPPEN. Like… at least once every 4 weeks, when one is at 200% purge meter?

Is that too much to ask? Are people seriously considering 1 pathetic little purge occurrence per month " hard mode" ?

If anything i want it to be HARD. reallly danm brutal. Like outright waves of 40 mobs, that will kill a garrison of 20 thralls. Hell, I wish they’d bring in catapults. I want people rage-quitting from being completely raped by purges… not from BOREDOM waiting for one to happen.


Purges works, but there is likely a backlog. Our server got daily purges. Yesterday a 6 wave SL purge for example.

Well i’m happy for the tidy servers which are fortunate enough to have good, cooperative custodians, who make it conducive to have purges, but the reality is, most servers are afflicted with maniacs who think it’s a good idea to build “decay umbilicals” in the guise of roads from one end of the map to the other, so they can refresh all their timers in one go. I don’t think “It messes up purges” is an argument they’ll care about, if all they wanna do is build all day.

If the real issue isn´t purges, but rather abusive constructions. Then maybe you should make a suggestion for the devs to fix that. For example a structure limit per person.

The folks in that post dont’ want changes that’d affect private servers.
It’s like RL politics. Nobody thinks ahead of their own interests.

Umm… No they haven’t. They’ve implemented speed bumps that even fail at that job.

I’m not so sure about purge me now button, but it would be better than why we have now.

The simple solution is no offline purges.
That way people can go about life without having to be tied to the game for hours every night.
This is one of the potentially greatest game mechanics of all time, that 90% of people don’t get to experience.


Yeah I’d take that. It’d actually free the backlog for people who DO have time to come online, ergo working like a “purge-me-now lite”.

Like… offline purges should still happen so people put value on thrall defense (even though they currently don’t work, and melee thralls can get boss-mob griefed), but people online should get purge priority.

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With no offline purges you can simply cheese out of any purge by avoiding the 18-22 window.



If “purge me now” is too much, why not simply inform the clan of a specific date / hour when the purge meter hits 100% :

“Purge will happen Saturday 07/28, deal with it”


By contrast i love the purge and would never cheese out of it. In fact I wish they would happen every time I’m on line. They are fun.
But I do have 3 kids that need some attention at night. Then there’s the kids soccer training, housework, my job, my wife’s job and the list goes on…

The purge is a way better mechanic than just cleaning up undefended bases.

There have been at least 50 purges on our official server, about 5 clans have got to experience it. Many of the others have left because they have nothing left.

What a waste.

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I play on a PVE server. I have been hit with a purge twice so far. Once while I was online and then less then a week later while I was offline. I was playing solo at the time so I didn’t really care. Now I have a few active players who I lured to the game and it’s been a few weeks at least at max purge with nothing happening.

I’ve talked to some of the other big clans on the server and no purges seem to have happened in a while. A better system is indeed needed. An early notification would be nice. I get it though, hardcore survival.

At this time, I do not believe Purges work or have their effect as intended. The “Purge Me Now” would be nice or perhaps allow a single player or clan leader to submit a request for when a purge might happen.

The submit idea could have a grey area time frame like weekdays or weekends or whatever they feel works best for the community. This would be a quality of life improvement in my opinion.

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Yeah purges definitely don’t work as intended.

On large servers I’d be surprised if anyone ever sees one. I have a hunch the purges per day server settings goes through the entire server character list (as in anyone that’s ever connected and made a character) to check for eligible purge targets but likely gets hung up somewhere. On a 10 man private server having the setting at 24 purges per day with less than 20 total characters made I’d imagine we’d have a guaranteed purge every couple days, but we’d go weeks without having any.

There’s too many variables that cause it to behave differently, and I don’t really see the value of having different enemies come based off of where you built your base. IMO it should just go off of player level to gauge difficulty, I’d be able to live with frost giants coming into the desert if it would at least trigger right.

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I like the sound of a purge me now button. But there is a potentially big problem with this, what would stop me from calling on a purge and then kiting them over to my neighbors base that I want to destroy. Some players would mine npcs to fill the purge meter and attack neighbors daily. As much as I like it this, I think it would be used to troll more then for gameplay

I played this game for 250 hours and havent had one purge yet. I heard that there are named thralls that you can only get through purges so I got myself ready to knock em out and catch them but no one purges me yet. I even cranked up the purge settings to 11 and still nothing.

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If you have more than one base ( which you probably do, on official servers, when being a serious player, wanting to catch armorers and named mobs from various locations) you can’t always choose which base a purge attacks.

If the purge always attacks the same base, then what stops one from building a “purge base” next to one’s targeted victim and just using a “naturally occurring purge” to purge said victim?

What stops you from walling in your victim in a membrane of carigulated walls, so he can’t climb in/out of his base?

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For me I don’t do those thing because I believe in “fair play” but as we know online games can attract very toxic people

Ergo I don’t think a “purge me now” button can be anymore weaponizable than spiked walls can be.
It’s impractical, compared to just enveloping a foe in a blockade.

Infact, a purge-me-now button is helpful to the person being walled in.

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Tru it could be a walled in persons friend, I honestly never thought of it that sense