A Quality Map For Printing?

Hi. Naturally I have search through the Google Images for a Map to print, but haven’t found a great copy yet. I’d like to print off an A3 copy, mostly as a reference guide to the location’s names.

Has anyone found a quality map for printing? If so, please may I have a link?

you could purchase the box Version and get an nice map along with other goodies :slight_smile:

Safe to say most here have bought digital edition already i should think…

here’s the map from the devkit, not sure if this is what you’re looking for?


That is a nice map, thank you. I found one online with all the places identified, but the map isn’t as good quality as yours. I will keep looking until the game releases, then maybe have to label it myself.
Thanks again Carldmitch.


can’t open it sadly. Any Chance to convert this to jpeg? That would be really nice.

Here you go mate:
http://www.pitmonk.com/images/T_FullscreenMap.jpg 5mb
http://www.pitmonk.com/images/T_FullscreenMap.png 31mb

Photoshop will open the original picture.


Thanks a bunch :wink:

Yeah, thanks PitMonk. grabbed the map as well. :slight_smile:

Found this one last night, here goes: :slight_smile:

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The quality map is only you can find on google map for printing. you have just center from Arizona, USA, this is a good location for a great look for good copy.Ricoh printer support can you help you for getting a great copy for printer or printer service guide