A question about bricks

Hi all,
It just occurred to me yesterday, after dumping once again 10000 stones in the furnace… That’s not how bricks are made, right?
I think bricks are made of clay, which you shape and cook in the oven.
We already have a distinction between stone houses and brick houses. Wouldn’t it make sense to introduce clay as a resource? Farmable on the shore of any water (pond or river), with a shovel?

I think this is definitely what the game lacks right now, beside rope bridges, in order to be finished.

no m8
at least now u can harvest stone and both create bricks, materials for sandstone pieces AND food for ur gold and silver rocknoses… new content will be great for the game , new options etc, not a new thing to grind for… what clay will acomplish is just add another thing to grind for if u need bricks…
the more primitive civilizations used cow dump and plant fibers mixed to build, romans had some kind of concrete and Greeks used stone and marble as well… this does not means that we need to add seperate materials for diferent styles…
great idea (as a realistic factor) but a nope from me (as a gamer perspective) … i need new content to seek for… not new things to grind for

It’s alright, I was just brain farting :slight_smile:
It would give an interesting dynamic though, if you had to fight for the access to water to get some mud. Right now, stones are everywhere so anybody can build T3 if they have enough time to farm it.
In my ideal word btw, the farming time to get resource for bricks would be much lower of course.

well read brick description:

and hardened brick

why it’s a made in furnace, beats me, but they’re more of a masonwork then clay brick

Yeah that’s the thing that triggered me (after 2 years lol). I just started to wonder “why am I putting stones in a furnace??”
I’m probably overthinking though :slight_smile:

yeah, given description mason workbench would be more appropriate

Well to be blunt with storm glass if you forgot your key on the road just use the brick to get in :joy: I wish we could toss those a people too well I use black ice now guess I don’t need theses Hey there the village welp get him

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