A question about sandbox

I’ve got a friend who recently bought the game and playing with them in my sandbox, or me in theirs we get messages that “too far away from the host” does this mean it will eventually kick them out of my world? It’s more I’d like them to have access to my bases and things while we wander the world or even sometimes work together to bring things down. They start at level 1, and I’d be a touch overpowered for areas that would technically be safe for them to hunt.

when you play with a friend in solo play , they won’t be able to be to " far " from you and will be teleported back to you as soon as they are too far , you have several options from a dedicated server to the rental of a private server if you want to play “alone” or go on mutliplayer servers (officials or privates )

Thank you. Looks like I’ll have to find a way to make something like that happen then :slight_smile:

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