A question about the destiny quests in Tortage

So, it’s clear that each of the class roles gets different quests at certain points in the story. It’s also apparent that these different quests tie into each other creating the full story.

Is there anywhere I can reference to get the order of events during these quests? As in, which class does things in which order?

i click dialogue 2 skip all :slight_smile:

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I have looked at that, but even reading through all the role quests for Awakening for example leaves me trying to guess the order each role does their thing.

I was hoping for something conclusive

I doubt you’ll find anything conclusive that spells out what you’re looking for. For most of us after playing a character in each of the archetype’s we can see where it fit’s together; rogue learns Arias was taken to WSI, Fighter has to go rescue him etc…

Here’s a link to the Priests destiny quests in more of a narrative form. Just find the Soldier and Rogue from the same place and and piece them together to form the overall narrative you’re looking for.

You could also wander around in the Forum archives as I have a copy of the destiny quests written out as a story for at least one of the archetype’s that I probably pulled from there.

The kind of stuff you’re looking for would be in the older reference materials vice the AoC Wiki which is more modern.

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