A Question Concerning the Economic Update

Are the new workstations (Alchemist, Furnaces, etc.) that are part of the Economic Update(?) part of the Siptah release, or are they going to be in a patch of their own?

And, when can we expect either to hit the console world?

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Siptah is a DLC, you don´t have to have it, but the Economy update is mandatory, it is a patch for every player. That probably won´t change for consoles. But when? IDK

only Island map is part of DLC, all systems and other changes that are happening during second EA are part of basegame expansion so affect every player
consoles shall receive whole expansion after EA period ends, I’d guess mid/late Q1

Hey @speedice

The Economy update and any update released since version 2.0 will come to consoles with the full release of Isle of Siptah, currently scheduled for early 2021.


That’s what I wanted to know. Wasn’t sure if the update would come earlier than the Siptah release.

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