A question for Australian players with physical copy on ps4

I know this is a long shot, but I can’t find an answer online anywhere. Is there full nudity on disc or is it dlc?

Pretty sure it is just partial on ps4

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been researching this all day, and it seems it’s on disc for EU so I think it’s the same for Australia. If you want the dlc you have a lot of work to do, but if it’s intact then I’m gonna get an imported copy. Verification would be greatly appreciated, however I’m decently confident.
I wouldn’t care as much but I always see the uncensored version when I’m checking out the screenshots for inspiration on stuff to build. That always leads me to frustration.

I can confirm the EU version offer the full nudity option for PS4.

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Thanks for the info, I’m ordering one asap. I hope in the future we don’t have to deal with this, but at least there is a workaround. To Funcom; do what you do, us fans got your back. To the people of this forum; thank you all for the help and info.

Welcome to the community KingZarKon! I can confirm that we do indeed have full nudity in Australia. I am a purely Offline Singleplayer, with a physical copy. As Wak4863 stated we run on the EU version of the game, which has full nudity enabled. You may need to turn it on in the Settings menu when you first begin a game, but thats it.

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