A question regarding the "Choose Your Own" Investigation quest

Not really sure which subforum this goes in, it’s not really lore-related and it’s not a guide either. Anyway, here it goes.

So in Tier 3 of this quest, you’re wandering around London. There are many references to The King in Yellow, and between that and paying attention to the text most of the quest is pretty solvable. But the point where I eventually had to consult a guide is when you’re asked for Tiberius Rex’s name. Apparently, his name is Tim. Does anyone know what this references? How are you supposed to figure out that’s his name? Not terribly important, I know, but it’s got me curious.

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Tim always makes me think of Tim the Enchanter. Don’t know if it’s an allusion to that or not but. There’s that.

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I forget where exactly, but you can find his name in the text adventure at one point. You have to look at him or something, and you’ll see his name tag.


Dunno if i should blur it but i did xD

I believe you need to take an extra “look” at him, and you will spot a name tag

I’m not sure but I think it’s a Monty Python reference?