A rendering glitch for Wight boss at Blacksail Harbor

Bug (#291664/29245)
Single player, Siptah

The ocean is rendered in front of the wight boss, for some animations, in some moments. Tested on graphics settings medium, ultra. First person, third person view.


  1. Go to blacksail harbor.
  2. Aggro the glowy skeleton boss.
  3. Keeping the distant sea as backdrop, the boss will go transparent during some of its attack animations.
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Saw it to, but was bit on the rush.
It was less noticable than on your picture, and i had the impression it may be linked to the name tag.

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I saw that too! And the weird part is that something similar happens at the small blue wights camp in the centre-north part of the island. Not too the same extent, but similar visual glitch

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Thank you for the report @cytokine
We’ve sent it to the team to see if we can make the Wight Boss less one with the water.

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