A simple suggestion for reducing overbuilding on official servers

When you demolish a decayed structure or placeable, you get the materials. That’s it really. If that happened, there wouldn’t be any decayed structures on servers.

I got this idea because when I start a new PVP character I always try to get to level 60 by scrounging and living off what I find, and try not to build a base until I get to 60. I often demolish decayed things to steal what’s inside and it’d be even better if I got the building mats. It would be a huge incentive for players to keep servers clear of decayed empty structures.

I don’t understand how this would reduce overbuilding. Specifically, I don’t understand what decayed builds have to do with overbuilding. Can you explain?

Any decayed structure is automatically demolished by the game after spending 24 hours in decayed state.

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Oh. I thought after two weeks they were vulnerable to being demolished, but they stuck around until someone demolished them.

Well that’s embarrassing. And shows how little attention I pay to my own buildings :laughing:

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Fortunately, that’s not the case :smiley:

If you want to know the nitty gritty details, here’s one of the walls of text I wrote on the subject of decay timers and how they work.

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