A simple yet robust way to add more life to the late game

One of the best things about AO has always been the procedurally generated dungeons, but for some reason, Funcom drifted away from the best ones, the old school RK original ones.

I could easily see an entire small expansion based on one simple mechanic. Infinitely deep procedurally generated dungeons for solo or team play.

There is a corruption of the Source, and it has led to dimensional cracks threatening the very existence of the planet of Rubi-ka.

All factions want to see these problems fixed. All factions would offer missions to cleanse dimensional cracks. No crack can ever be completely sealed, as there will always be flaws, but the rewards increase depending on how deep the crack can be cleansed.

Creatures found in cracks would be random, but based on a rough difficulty scale. Regular L200 RK mobs obviously aren’t going to be considered as difficult as L200 Hecklers or Dynabosses.

This would allow for random groups of mixed mobs from all expansions. Aliens, hecklers, and hellhounds, oh my!

The best part?

It’s all recycled content. All of it. It’s just rearranged into a new format.

What sorts of rewards might one get? Well, maybe that could be new…