A skill Leveling system

I want the ability to have skills. Basically you are becoming a T1-T4 thrall. Each skill has max of 10 levels.

Weapons: the higher number less durability used.

Armor: Less durability loss when damage.

Blacksmith : Able to make flawless and perfect weapons. None epic rank 5. Epic rank 10. This includes bows.

Armor Smith: Able to make flawless and perfect armors. None epic rank 5 and epic rank 10.

Crafting: All other crafting allows you to reduce cost and speed of crafting resources. You become t4 at rank 10 of that skill.

Thralls: The crafting stations does a check on your Tier vs your thrall. Whoever tier is higher there tier is used.

Armor and weapons: You must know the armor or weapon recipe before you can craft flawless or perfect.