A small fix to thralls not attacking. funcom please read

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ | Bug]
Region: [America]

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As the title said thralls aren’t attacking. I’m on server 3501 pve. This happened to my buddy as well we went to kill the scorpion queen and thralls wouldn’t attack. They had weapons out but just stood there not attacking. Not sure if it’s affecting my defenders back at my base.

Animals seem fine. Please for the love of all that is holy fix this. I think a simple solution would be to have an attack or defense option.

Where if we select attack they start attacking again. I don’t know. Ive had something else happen with the animals where their code for specific attacks would pop up in their inventory. Maybe it’s tied to that. Idk.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.go fight boss.
2.watch thrall not attack.
4.run away.
5. Hate life and wonder why so many bugs.

This happened to me also, but used an archer.

Server reset seemed to fix it but I can not identify the cause.

yea sometimes thralls bug out and refuse to attack. they are looking for some specific weapon and they will equip other weapons and run up to enemies but never start swinging. i just keep swapping in different weapons, daggers, truncheon, sword, hammer, etc and eventually they will start attacking again. and after that, i can usually give them the weapon i really wanted them using in the first place, and they will use it properly.

I think it’s their original original weapon. But I have no clue. Seriously tho this shouldn’t be happening at all. I’m actively trying to find the cause and possible solution but it’s hard to do. I’m not a fan of having to report these things and have to test sht out myself for the devs here.

Not for something like this which should be a simple fix for them.

Funcom I hope you read this. Found a solution to my problem. Basically you have to swap weapons while their current weapon is in the first slot. Swap the weapons don’t replace if that makes sense. Basically switch the weapons at the same time.

Hope you guys use this information and it helps.

And sometimes the thrall won’t stop shooting after the fight is over, wasting arrows, shooting the dirt for no reason or towards buried rocknose 100 yards away.

I can’t figure out what you mean by this :confused: Do you mean swapping what is in their first inventory slot to their main hand? This bug has been driving me crazy for 2 days now.

I’m sorry I have a hard time explain things. Directly from your inventory to theirs.

I can’t identify the exact cause. Death and switch weapons such as giving them a knock out stick, truncheon, seems to make them only attack with the truncheon.

So they seem to want to attack with only that weapon. What I suggested only works sometimes though, unfortunately.

Server reset is the only actual fix I have seen. Also sometimes if you die while they follow you it fixes it.

If we can figure out the source of the glitch should be able to find a solution. If all else fails switch thralls.

As for your bug just give them a good bow and don’t give em special arrows. I think it’s a waste.

If it’s for a body guard I recommend a relic hunter treasure seeker. Or a t4 bearer. Any t4 bearer.

As for base defense if they glitch out try swapping weapons directly from your inventory to theirs. Make sure you swap both at the same time. Only works sometimes though.

Honestly if I could just pin point the source. I know it’s a crossed wire in the code just can’t tell what’s interfering with each other.

I don’t believe it’s lag related.

My problem anyway. Them attacking after an enemy is dead is most likely lag.

Thralls have been like this for a long time. This is not new. They were once far worse. What I find works best is I have to both attack and defend to get them in. Sometimes just one or the other. For example, I shoot boss with bow and thrall goes running in, then he suddenly stops next to it. I suck it up and prepare to run boss back to thrall as it comes for me. Once it’s next to thrall I hold shield and wait for AOE. AoE hits thrall and sometimes it’s in the fight. Then again, sometimes it’s stll just standing there. So I then start whacking boss. Sometimes then thrall joins. But sometimes, still standing useless. At that point I then take damage and my thrall is finally all in. Sometimes I can do part and get them in. Sometimes I need all. Either way I can usually get them involved within seconds. I will say some bosses are harder to get participation than others. New instance my thrall did excellent.

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Its not lag. They don’t shoot a couple times, when they glitch they never stop firing. Maybe they want to shoot a skeleton 400ft away, but what they do shoot is the dirt 50ft from them. The arrows clearly being shot into the ground until till I move away. When they have to teleport to me then they reset behavior and follow again.

The other major glitch is they shoot the dirt when there are buried rocknose over 200ft from me. Its handy they have ground penetrating radar, but they can’t hit them till they surface.

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and our team will look into it. One of our goals is to keep improving AI in following patches.
Thanks for your feedback.


All doesn’t help. My bearer refuses to fight even after a complete reboot of the console. He fought in the unnamed city without hesitation. Than going to laggameru to get some named thrall and baaaam…refuses to fight. Swapping weapons, barehanded, swapping armor, going to a different region…no chance. Even after rebooting the PS4 reseting my router. All doesn’t help he doesn’t fight anymore. What good is a thrall that doesn’t fight?.

I dont understand your buisness plan here. Really, how can you release new content with this wreck of a game?

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More info on what I said. If you switch their weapon they will try to switch back to the weapon they attacked with before that weapon.

So say you gave em a trencheon. Or whatever the club to knock out is called. If they attack with that then swap the club with the weapon you want them to use.

This is what I did about an hour ago.
I gave my bearer water orbs by accident then they used em up then wouldn’t attack with their sword. So I removed their sword. They attacked with their first. Because of running out of orbs the a.i. switched to fist as the registered weapon.

So I put the the sword back in their inventory. I can’t remember if I put it in their hand or first slot of inventory.

And ta da they started attacking again.
I really hate that I have to research this problem myself. But if this helps funcom hopefully they can fix the codes that’s are interfering with each other.

I still think my idea of an attack or defend command would solve this. It would be like a reset option.

And if this does help solve it I’d like something cool in game. Maybe a bearer named after me xD.

Anyway. I hope this helps who ever reads it.

Oh and while I’m here. Please fix all the crashing that’s been going on funcom.
My base crashes me almost everytime I return after adventuring far away. The game has a problem loading boxes and it freezes up. Please halp.

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