A Small maybe bug ?/Semi large builds lag/ Item crafting black ice Swords?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [America]

System : Xbox One - external hdd game is installed on
For 1
first time posting sorry if its not in the right spot
For 2
when building lets say a tower. its nice an all but once i get above a certian level it trys loading the background objects when ur looking at the walls of ur building so it drops ur frames on the xbox one its a bit rough, Currently having to stop building a semi large tower because of my frames dropping.

for 3
If you go up north to The Temple of Frost and get the recipes for making black ice stuff. the black ice Broadsword one is suppose to be a 2h sword am i wrong ? while the Black ice longsword suppose to be a 1h sword? if its ment to be like this then ignore this.

For 4
So this bug. i came across at first i wanted to see what the ending of the game was so i starting a new char on a different account and it was just a cut scene with the character walking away so okay what ever. i created a new character cause i wanted to and i got level 20 ( all on my own private server by the way) i walk all the way over to the forgotten city and wanted to try out the sunken city dungeon but when i went to enter it loaded the ground for it and i was instantly set back to create a new character. I tried teleporting over there via admin teleport and got set back to character creation. after watching A Character walk across the green death wall. then it loads a part of the map of me getting attacked. after teleporting. ( gotta restart the game in order to fix this issue)

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
For the bug part.
1.Create a new character
2.Teleport to the area to make the keystone to take off your bracelet ( or spawn it in via admin panel) then use it.
3.Create a new character what ever level works.
4.(if you’re walking ) try entering a dungeon ( i used the sunken city)
5. Or just admin teleporting in general makes u recreate your character

Hello @Scapoose, welcome to the forums!

We’ll be happy to address your concerns in this post, but next time please open one post per issue, as suggested in our guidelines:

1 - All good!

2 - Could you please share a screenshot so we may understand the scope of your building? Although we impose no building limits for PC or Consoles, having a very large amount of building pieces, light sources, thralls and placeables will eventually lead to performance issues, especially in Single Player since your console acts both as server and client, unlike in Online Mode where it just acts as client. Our developers are constantly looking into further optimizing the game for consoles, so it’s likely that performance will improve further down the road.

3 - It’s expected to be as it is.

4 - That’s a peculiar issue, does it keep occurring to your new character or was it a one time thing? Does it only happen after bypassing the ending through use of the Admin powers?

Alright Terribly Sorry didn’t see those guidelines.

For the building i’m on a private server i am renting and currently i haven’t got anything besides walls up at the moment its a pretty good size build but not overall done so never thought the fps would drop a bit.
This is all ive gotten so far when i noticed a bit of drop in the fps as it gets sluggish when looking around. No lights no nothing just foundations and some ceilings and walls. and that map.

for the new character ive tried it without admin powers as i use another account to spawn in the items then go to the other account which means ive logged off that main account, then i go to said location to make the keystone( or ive placed a chest where i stored said keystone and use it ) then try entering a dungeon, Still the same outcome watching the same cut scene from a character walking across the green death wall. ( i tried recording via xbox and it only gave me 10 mins but i ended dying at 8mins trying to get gear i stashed to make it easier to get to said dungeon. also went into the abyssmal dungeon ? i think its spelled, did the same thing. Ill find a way to record something longer. or stash gear closer so i can just straight enter the dungeon so i can give you a better idea on what im talking about.

Edit: Heres two parts of a video part 1 containing the first part of using the keystone and so forth until the dregs dungeon didnt work for me so i went else where towards the sunken city Dungeon
also sorry if its to long i just wanted to show you everything i do after keystone usage. didnt want to show you the WHOLE run from the left side of the map to the right. just the some what important parts.

Using keystone journey towards dregs.
Part 1 : https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=EFD1A8A22861CB53&id=EFD1A8A22861CB53!108&parId=EFD1A8A22861CB53!106&o=OneUp

getting towards the Sunken City when Dregs wouldnt open up.
Part 2 : https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=EFD1A8A22861CB53&id=EFD1A8A22861CB53!107&parId=EFD1A8A22861CB53!106&o=OneUp

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