A Solution for 2 problems: Grandfathered Weapons and Obilisk Blocking

I had a whole year to think about these problems.

First up: Obilisk blocking and resource blocking.
In PvP, it’s fine…

In PvE, the solution would be the addition of brimstone veined rocknoses, and sustainable farming.
If players can secure their own economy, and make it geo-independant, then griefers can do all they want, it won’t affect the players much.

Considering the predominance of stone on a map, and their prevalence in pre-existing no-build zones, they make for reliable primary resources to fuel an economy: - Veined Rocknoses.

For wood, and plants of any kind, sustainable farming would be a solution, where one plant always returns 1 seed, but has a chance to drop an additional one. This could be a good source of wood and fiber.

One needs to show griefers that it is futile to grief, to fight this problem. Admittedly, these solutions only work if you are already established and a griefer arrives to wreak havoc. But if you are just starting out, you do have the luxury of just relocating to a different server without much relative loss.

On to the next problem. Overpowered weapons that were grandfathered.

So, you nerfed Crom-Blades stats and drop rates, and yet their modded versions remain unchanged at 125+ damage (however this could just be a graphical bug).

This effectively means that new people have to try twice as hard to get a version that’s worse, while other’s get to enjoy the old weapon-modded version unabated. The folks who did get it early earned this as early adopters, so all the power to them. But what of the majority?

One good way of rectifying this unfortunate exclusivity of opportunity is to offer another opportunity that makes the previous one obsolete.

Add a greatsword that is just as powerful as the un-nerfed crom blade, make it eat all stamina on swing again, but keep it as rare as it is now, but make it so the wielder recieves 1000% more PvP damage from other players: The Atlantean Sword of PvE Justice.

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Huh, my Blade of Crom didn’t retain its old stats despite having had it before they adjusted it downwards.

Did you mod it?

I put either a damage or armor pen mod on it, I can’t remember off the top of my head

According to my friend, his modded blade conserved the dmg numbers.
It could be that this is just a graphical bug. Gonna add that as a note, thanks for pointing that out.

I’ll have to go double check cuz I just hopped in and one of my thralls has one with a damage mod and it has 127 damage with 13% armor pen, though I could have sworn my other one was lower. Maybe I put armor pen on it instead, so something about the damage mod lets it retain the old damage.

Hmm, will update.

If you apply a kit to modify a weapon stats it will ever retain the modified stat even if all other stats may change according to new patches.

I played with an exceptional obsidian 1 hand sword dealing 65 dmg and it deals 65 dmg even now, but I use now a predatory blade instead :wink:

Wish I could verify this myself but I’ve racked over 400 fragments of power over the last 3 days and not a single Crom blade dropped, which kinda prompted me to write this aswell. It’s frustrating trying to get a nerfed version to drop only to notice perhaps they nerfed the drops too hard.

The blade is supposed to drop 3 times in 200 bosses…

Some day they’ll probably have to do an Official Server wipe because there’s all kinds of stuff like this. I still have Silent Legion with the old stats and like 60 Vathis. I might quit for a while if they wipe, but I can definitely see how it would be fair. There wouldn’t be much point doing that until they were primarily done with balance updates though, so who knows.

Ok, so here’s what I’ve got

Sword of Crom w/ Damage Mod
127 Damage
13% Armor Pen

Sword of Crom w/ Armor Pen Mod
90 Damage
28% Armor Pen

Crom Blade finally dropped for me.

Modded it’s
96 damage
13% A.Pen

Unmodded it’s
90 damage
13% A.Pen

So it’s something about the damage mod that makes it retain the old stats. I wonder if there’s any way for FC to hotfix that. This should probably go into the Bugs forum at this point.

In the meantime, giving the better blade to my Daicus haha.

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yup some people in the server i play there sword of crom that was modded with damage kit did not change

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