A stream of lost connections


Over the past couple of days, well since the update and tweeks with the agent network I have been suffering with “lost connection to server would you like to swap” messages. I was wondering if this has been happening to anyone else and Funcom might have broken something, or is it just me and I better start looking at my system.


I had a fair share of those on Sunday, mostly while doing scenarios.


Not just you. (chars)


Lost Connection occurs mostly on server crash.
Server = your instance.

You will often keep the ability to use chat as the chat flows through a different server called “community”.

When a server crashes, your instance crashes forcing you to move to another one.
Think of it as of a forced MeetUp.

And yes, there has been an increase in the number of crashes.
The game is not great at handling the large influx of players caused by rolling out Agent’s AND having a FreeKeys Weekend at the same time.


Have seen 2 of there after last patch, was awarded with deserter when I got in a dungeon. Thank you FC :frowning:


For me it’s not only disconnects. Something seems to be up but can’t really do anything about it except testing a few things/going modfree.


I’m not running any mods, I’ve checked all my drivers, I’m not playing at regular times so server load shouldn’t be a problem, I’ve even run the in-game repair facility from the launcher, I’ve tried messing with the game rez, but still nothing. Not sure what to do next ?


Same here. Though the couple of friends I regularly play with don’t seem to be suffering from it. Dunno if it’s related to any settings at our ends or just dumb luck.

Hopefully it’ll go away over time?


This may be on us. We’re investigating some server crashes we’ve seen over the past few days. To you, the player, these crashes manifest as the “Lost Connection to Server” message.


That error message is the one thing I have been seeing over and over quite often over the days…maybe give the poor server hamster a vacation! :stuck_out_tongue:


DON’T give any vacations to the hamster! I cannot agree with a service interruption!
Feed him better maybe?


Any news on this, I thought that the new content update might fix it but it seems not, still suffering with intermittent “lost connections”.


Please create a new topic for this; the overarching issue when this topic was made was resolved. We’ve only seen 1 instance crash since yesterday’s update.