A strongbox/strongroom feature to help prevent raided clans from quitting and instead fighting back


If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in the 1100ish hours or so I’ve been playing Conan, it’s that one of the most common things I see are entire clans leaving the game after being raided. It’s not so much that they can’t handle being raided (there is an element of that) but by being raided you tend to end up in two scenarios:

  • Lose everything and need to effectively start from scratch
  • Feel they can’t remain in the same base location as if it was raided once, it’ll be raided again and there’s nothing worse than losing everything a second time.

In many cases the most viable option is to just leave server. Some raiding clans are really quite decent in that, they’ll raid you then leave you to recover, whilst others will continually hit you leaving you with literally no options.

Anyhow – in saying the above – I believe one of the biggest issues with raiding in Conan is the time spent farming materials to raid and destroy a base is far less than the time and investment that’s put into building and defending a base.

  • Many many hours worth of materials need to be farmed for the base itself
  • Considerable time is spent filling the base with crafter thralls
  • Considerable time is spent filling the base with defender thralls and pets – most of which are completely ineffective against raiders

Meanwhile – the ease of destroying a base via vast quantities of dragon powder, gods or even a good old, super easy to build trebuchet just don’t stack up.

What I propose is a means of leaving raided clans or solos in a not hopeless state. A means of storing a certain quantity of materials/crafter thralls/weapons/armour in a place which becomes invulnerable when they’re offline. Effectively either a strongbox or a strongroom – a purposely created feature to not leave clans devastated post-raid and hopefully give them the ability to more quickly get back in the fight, or more incentive to actually go and get revenge.

My thoughts are something like:

  • A strong box with a limited amount of space with a limit of 1 per clan or a strong room with similar capability
  • This box/room would become invulnerable to raid damage (inside raid windows) 30 minutes after all players in the clan have gone offline
  • The box/room is vulnerable like any normal base structure when any clan members are online or have been online within a 30 minute period

The idea is simply a means of giving clans a means of protecting a strategic number of items reliably when they’re offline. It could be as few as just 10 inventory slots – just enough to protect the most valuable thralls, or a few stacks of dragon powder, or a valuable set of armour and some weapons.

I don’t believe offline protection should be too easily implemented as it detracts from the raiding side of the game, but feel that clans leaving after being raided is a sign that it’s not just players throwing in the towel, but an actual detriment to ongoing healthy and combatative populations. The game is at its best when clans are fighting but sadly most fights amount to one clan raiding another while the other is offline then that clan promptly quitting.


I have to back you on this. Maybe a strong box for each player (instead of clan). this allows players to put aside 15 items. i know 150 slots for an entire 10 person clan seems like a lot, but if only the player can get in that loot box, then it would have to be active players in that clan using the resources.

The biggest issue is that once you have been bested for whatever reason, you will be greifed a majority of the time until you just leave. The game does not promote a healthy balance at all, and thus why PVP servers are so barron.

another idea i have had, is servers where you do not lose your weapons or armor on death. But the catch is the durability of weapons and armor would be drastically reduced (like 25% of current values). Making players having to repair it often, or having to replace it, and utilizing mats. This would also help when some clans come 10 v 2 or 3. The smaller clan usually will not risk armor and top tier in those numbers, and thus is at a disadvantage atts wise (+9 for armor alone) and is really just trolling and stalling. If one could go out and fight with only worrying about losing inventory, there would be way more melee happening than it is now on PVP servers.

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