A suggestion on interface

The only thing that i would like to see ingame is a hotkeys menu with tabs.
One of the most boring things this game brings, is the fact that the hotkeys r few in number…
I would really love to see them in a tab menu so that we can assign let’s say the weapons in the weapon tab, the food in the food tab etc.
They do not have to be specific, just to have 2-3 tabs that we can assign different setups for hotkeys and work along with them (let’s say i want one tab to have the actions that i use (or need) when i am in exploration(so some ready to fight hotkeys-or some gather tools will be ready) but i would setup different actions in another tab when i am at home (let’s say building actions), and not spending time switching each time the 1 selection of hotkeys to different setups.
Hope will understand my suggestion.
Will be glad to try to explain more if u like!
With regards