A testlive report

(testlive 2.6b - singleplayer, pc, no mods)

  1. The pick-up pieces building system seems to be working well so far - I’ve taken down and rebuilt my base three times so far with no issues.

  2. Biggest problem I have been having has been with the horse ai during combat (when I’m on foot) - it frequently not only doesn’t run from combat, but actually inserts itself in between the character and what I’m fighting. This behaviour isn’t entirely consistent (sometimes it does run away properly), but it’s happening quite frequently. The most consistent trigger I’ve found has been being in a cave (fair enough - no room to run…), specifically the Executioner’s Entrance in I [eye] 6. This might at least be a way to reproduce the behaviour?

  3. Minor animation glitch with character’s left arm when swimming underwater - arm became stuck out to the side as if holding a torch (though I hadn’t used one since I logged on - it was getting dark though so maybe he was just dropping hints :wink: ). Again, it’s not consistent - I’ve been able to swim underwater since without it happening - but it went on for a good ten minutes or so, with me climbing, running, equipping stuff in between (and mostly building), and the arm pose reappeared each time I went back to underwater swimming. (Suspicion, just from logic, that it could be related to the other left arm animation glitch I reported the other day. One additional factor I have noted with that is it seems to happen most often if the character gets hit during combat while using a one-handed weapon without a shield - but that doesn’t seem to apply to the swimming version, since I wasn’t in combat around then.)

  4. Minor visual/audio glitch - armor, tools, weapons etc with modifications on them still stop displaying the icon for the particular modification. However, when repaired for the first time in a session, the icon reappears and the sound effect for modifying an item is played. (The icon then remains for the rest of the session.) Unmodified items, or items that have already been repaired during the session do not cause the sound effect to be played.

  5. I did have a bit of a wonky purge - Cackle of Hyenas - see map below (J5/6) (gatehouse is located roughly where the green circle is (with the rest of the base on the water), red crosses are the roughly normal spawn points that some waves spawned from.
    Wave 1 spawned seemingly normally and ended with a horn sound, but the timer for the next wave did not appear. Around ‘5 mins’ later, the timer appeared and counted down 60 seconds to wave 2 - this was undead hyenas that spawned on the roof of the gatehouse for some reason (although my thrall and I were out on the beach waiting for them). That wave ended normally and the timer for wave 3 immediately appeared. Wave 3 then spawned around the normal spots again, but this time, when it was over nothing happened. Around ‘5 mins’ later the horn sounded and around ‘15 mins’ after that the horn sounded again and the ‘purge defeated’ message appeared. I had spent that time searching thoroughly for any left over members of the wave, in case that was what was blocking things, and could not find any (doesn’t mean they definitely weren’t there, but I was quite thorough). I have copies of the database from before and after if that’s any help.

  1. I am still getting intermittent crashes - sometimes the game is fine running for 6-8 hours, other times it crashes within half an hour, or while loading. (I’ve verified the files, so it isn’t that.) I do have logs and databases for some of them - but I figure you’ve already got quite a few from me, so it’s probably better not to swamp you with excess data (they’re available if you want them).

I’d say overall it’s looking pretty good from what I can see so far. Lots of spawns that were missing in the past couple of patches have returned. And all I’m finding so far seem to be minor issues and some proofreading. I’ll be a bit short of time this week, but I’ll get back to it early next week if the patch isn’t live by then :slight_smile:


#3 has been a problem for over a year on Xbox it correct it’s self later but happens


I’ve seen #3 on PC for some time now as well. Usually pull out a weapon or tool and then put it away and the left arm goes back to normal.


Interesting - I don’t remember having seen that particular one before. The version on dry land I remember, but the swimming version was new to me. Strangely, equipping and unequipping works for me with the dry land version, but didn’t seem to work for me with the swimming one - I just had to wait for it to correct itself (like the Xbox version). No big issue, it’s not a particularly important glitch :slight_smile:

Now that is interesting because I’ve never seen this happen to myself or any of my thralls on dry land before. :woman_shrugging:


Very strange, lol. On dry land it’s a different arm position (like holding a shield or binding), which I’ve had many times (and was then fixed, until it wasn’t…). And I’ve also seen the follower thrall version a few times (and many more in youtube videos) where they hold their left arm at about the angle and position the crafters do when they t-pose, but the rest of their animation is fine.

I think the best conclusion I can draw from this is that I’ll never understand computers or programming :wink:

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There’s some sort of bug when transitioning from swimming with a weapons/tools to the new swimming without while in or underwater. If you unequip you can get stuck (much worse with lots of mods) and even drown. I think they made it better on the swimming to wading, but that still hiccups too.

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Sounds like the same bug (I’ve just not had it before) - the only thing is I’m pretty sure I didn’t have a weapon or tool equipped when it started (I was in the middle of building stuff, so there wasn’t much in my hotbar other than building pieces when it began). But that isn’t 100% certain. I’ll have more time next week, so I was already planning on seeing if I could find a way to deliberately reproduce it - so this extra info could prove useful, thanks :slight_smile:

The only way I’ve found to ‘get around’ it is to use a tool or a weapon that works underwater, then you can start swimming again.

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