A To-do List for Funcom. Some easy fixes and suggestions #MakeAoCGreatAgain



OtO lasts longer and gets you full hp if fighting a physical ennemy. how can 8sec evade can beat that for a tank ?


Well how does octo help when tanking a boss/enemy that deals magic damage?


it’s not its purpose, that’s all. evade would not help either.


major CCs as instants become too strong, harder to anticipate and completely unavoidable. it’s not very engaging gameplay when its just about who gets the drop on you first.


Plenty of ccs are instant. The bear shaman stun takes way too long as it is. I would prefer less range and quicker cast time. even if its .5 seconds.

  1. OTO heals you
  2. OTO works on casts where Flashing Defense only works on white damage (in PvE)
  3. OTO lasts longer

Flashing Defense has about half the use on OTO.

Also, Carnage is the superior spec for magical bosses because you can stack higher protection, thus countering the crappy Blessed Conquest bubble.


that is probably because it’s an aoe cc. able to hit more than 1 target and you pay that.


Fair enough. I am calling for nerfs to the conq class as a whole not so much to hurt pve’ers but to fix them in pvp. Right now they are broken and way too strong. There has to be a tradeoff for doing high damage in the form of mitigation loss or losing the double bubble action. the last thing anyone wants is to affect how classes perform in pve so lets have a discussion to what you think could work better because they cant just be left as is in my opinion. Something’s got to give.


no, not many CCs are instant, if you consider the entire pool of CCs. real instant CCs are extremely rare, and no major CCs are a true instants afaik when you consider how i.e. ranger trap/demo detonation works


What would you say to changing my suggestion then to a .5 second cast time if feated into rampaging crush instead of increasing the range? would that sound a little more reasonable?


the range increase is very strong as it stands already.

its not about this feat alone. I think necros 0.5 sec freeze is OP enough as it is. now you want a mass stun 0.5 sec aswell?

if the game would allow 0.8 sec cast or something like that then maybe, but 0.5 is too fast IMO.


Thing is moving bubbles doesn’t accomplish a thing for PvP.

The only difference between Flashing Defense and OTO in PvP is that some (stupid) melees can’t see a giant red bubble and keep attacking to heal the conq up.

On top of that, Flashing can be used in frenzy stance while OTO pushes you into Defensive, and Flashing doesn’t give you the debuff so you could chain both bubbles together if you wanted to and have about 14 seconds of invulnerability. It seems like a buff in PvP to me, rather than the nerf you’re aiming for.


Good points Evito. this is the sort of discussion i was hoping to elicit. Ill make some changes to my suggestions.

@lurvi i think my issue stems from the fact that it gets interrupted when you have a mob of angry pvpers beating down on you due to the lengthy cast time and you end up dying before u can pull it off. It definitely needs an adjustment.


you drop too many extreme changes without explaining the background for why they’re needed, and there’s also the PvE perspective to consider.

like I said, I agree to many of the things, like making the big heal stronger, I could even agree on making some CCs faster if they allowed tweaks in a tenth of a second

think about how wide this post is, and the presentation for the devs to absorb it.


I had a lot of free time on my hands today being stuck at work with nothing to do.

I’ll go back later and add some explanations and try to space it out a little more


All what we need on guardian is fixed Tempest tree. Thats all from me. Rest classes are ok for me foe now.


agreed that tempest guard need some fixes,

also a whole bunch of general feats (for all archetypes) need to be buffed or changed altogether.


The fact that some pve gear is comparable to pvp gear just fosters 2 aspects: ppl should encourage in all aspect of the game and make an easier entry for new pvp ppl. Both highly welcome imo and since pvp 3 gear has some pve Only stats i think this has been thought in both directions actually…


The entire class needs an overhaul but i suggested some fixes to help get the class back to a respectable level on the battle field. I’ll look over your suggestions later and update the list. Thanks for the feedback.

@voiceofcrom Pve gear and pvp gear of high tiers should not intermingle. At all.


the Jug tree is good (for pve at least). it’s very strong tank tree.

so what about newcomers to pvp if you cannot use pve gear ? play naked ?