A To-do List for Funcom. Some easy fixes and suggestions #MakeAoCGreatAgain



I came here to agree, because i think there is lots of changes that should be done. But, no, i cannot agree with this post! To much that does not make sense.


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Liked you for the very last line


Thats an impressive write-up jeetz and some suggestions are great like Atlantean Shards to normal 6-mans and Raids, More Social gear, etc

While I am not really skilled enough to have an opinon of many of the issues you bring regarding the classes, maybe only on assassin where some things make a bit of sense and some don’t.

A general question for me is if it would be possible at all to do something like

If Target = Player then x
If Target = NPC then y

Maybe its stupid or requries to much work but the balance between PVE, PVP, AA:s, Classes, Archtypes, gear etc must be quite a tough act to balance.


About the ranger traps:

I think they should:

Add 0,5 sec cd.(or maybe 1sec as you said, but it might be too much.)

Lower the range to the actual template, not 2-3 meter outside the marker/template.

Make the marker/template slightly visible to oponents, so they are not easy to see, but if you have a keen eye, you could spot them. (A bit like artemis trap in Smite would be really cool!

And ranger traps need a change! They are broken strong right now!

Keep the traps unchanged and you might aswell give pom back their instant repulse and conq its old(much cooler/funnier) burst of aggression.


I think PVP balance is fine as it is now. I can’t see a class which objectively dominates or underachives. You can see all kinds of classes being at the top during the minigames.
There are difficult classes to play, but when they are played right they destroy everything.

Rebalancing would make sense only with a purpose to shake everything up a bit, but this is risky since the balance could be damaged.
I remember Age of Casters too well, or times when guards where nearly one-shoting everything except for other tanks. Times when assassins were complete pushovers and weren’t even given attention. Or times when tanks were absolutely harmless. I could go on.

It’s unpopular opinion, but I really think that the balance is nearly ideal, given all the circumstances.
Most people say that tanks do too much damage, while this is true to some degree, giving them less damage makes them absolutely uninteresting to play in PVP. Roleplaying a truck-driver (flag carrier) is not a good gaming experience.

If anything, we need more PVP content, not re-balancing. But this is not happening.
Speaking about realistic additions, T1 PVP gear should be standard issue for all new characters. Grinding through minis from PVP 0 to PVP 5 is a nightmare for new players or for PVE players who try PVP.


“Significantly reduce the damage output of the “Slaughter Wraith” pets summoned by the “nightmare Companions” perk by 30% 40% if a 4th is summoned.”

Damn bro, u still salty about our saga duels? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Sin is like most cd dependent class in game (shards too). This stigma about dww / gb / bomb… people need to get over it, this is not 1,6 patch, assassin needs a complete rework, but that is not going to happen, so I just suggest reducing death gaze / opportunistic strike cast time to go down to 0,5 seconds

also the thing that need to be changed with barbs is how arcane marauder works, it HAS to have at least 30 seconds cool down after the speed buff fades away, it is completely ridiculous having “conq” in steroids chasing you with permanent speed buff. I can’t believe you missed that one :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I gotta edit…
and why are we buffing pom now? as it is pom is one of the classes that is completely broken in every aspect outside of mobility. burst like sin, tough like tank with hundreds of bubbles. Hell the best premade comp is to have 6 poms in group :joy:

Also if you wanna nerf conq , all you need to do is nerf BFC in pvp and u are all set


The only way to change traps without affecting PvE, would be to remove the stupid Master Trapper mechanic and replace it with something similar to the Barb Reverse Swing, like having a fully buffed Armor Ripper give 45% weapon damage for 20 seconds and decrease the Armor Ripper CD accordingly.
At least, it would give a bit more depth to the combo rotation and wouldn’t force us to be in melee range, to do optimal dps.


1.5 second cast time on detonation is also rough! Can’t say I’d ever be using that anymore (you’d never realistically get it off), unless it was given like, a 10m range or something (which is not the way to go). Give it the same cast time repulse has, sure, that’s fine, but not more than that or it goes to the wicked bolts garbage pile and the only ‘good’ proper CCs left are the 2 stuns.

I always thought the stupid combo with demo was detonation > waves of lame. and suggested to have detonation put waves of lame of it’s 5 second cooldown.

ps: get rid of that frozen hatred snare too and make the necro do something to snare people.


You guys just throw in arbitary numbers that fit your preference or weaken an opponent. Do you know how much testing a class rebalancing requires?
And in case they ever willig to spend effort: this game needs fresh content not balancing!


Can’t support this enough. As I wrote earlier, there are no outrageous imbalances right now in PVP. Chances are they will break something rather than improve.


Like others have said I am basically OK with the gear changes, but there are lot of things wrong with the class changes etc. IMO, you tried to put too much into one post. Should be one post per class, and then one post about gear, something like that.

But keep in mind the dev team is very small now and there is only so much they can do. I definitely hope to see some changes for pvp Saga, but really not sure how far they will go…


Some great ideas Jeetz! :slight_smile:


We need a revamp of Necromancer feats, tons of useless options


I updated the list a little more. Will continue to add more updates based on feedback. thanks.


Bad suggeations. A lot of them on guardian will make this class unstopable and OP in PvE. We don’t need more toughness, armour on Juggernaut tree. What is what we need is few changes in Tempest tree like i said before.

Storm Blade - procs from 6 to 12/15 per minute. 6 procs is nothing.

Intimidating Shout - improve by doing more damage and let dot crits, also change cooldown to 25 seconds and let this ability generate some agro like Cry of Havoc from Juggernaut tree.

Dissarming Agression - change damage to 20% group wide buff, also can you place some armour and magic penetration maybe 120/240/360 per rank group wide too!

Flashing Reflexes - why the hell we have only 35% evade chance? Why couquerror have two bubles and guard have only Last Bastion and useless Flashing Reflexes with 35% evade? Change it to 75% or 85%. And! Give it basic + 5/10% hate. Now this ability not working. We need to hold agro, evade attack then we have more damage and more hate based on our numbers of evades. With my suggestion this ability will works fine. If we need to take agro we have to use this ‘bubble’ we generating more hate but we losing evade chance for next 1.30 min. Also what would be nice to see in all tiered polearms in game.

Guard was made to evade attack. Maybe add 1% more evade to T1 polearm, 2% for T2, 3% for T3 etc? I have T6 polearm but for me is uselees, i want to evade some attacks than take them and mitigate. Why funcom lost evade in this game? Why? Why not any evade rating in tiered items for guard?

Guardian dont need any changes in Juggernaut. Guardians are main tanks in high end raida. T5 and T6 is only for guard and only guards doing main tanking with congs. I spent more time on polearm but i spent much time on Juggernaut to say we don’t need any changes. For protection fights and any other content guard is the best class to choose for that job.


Can you format this response a little better and add proper spacing?

The idea of my suggested guardian changes is to bring back the guardian as a main stay in the main tank role and make it more viable in pvp again. As it is now, The guardian class is just bad.

I also want to make sword and board a viable and desirable build for guardians who don’t prefer to tank pve with a polearm. I mean why is it that polearm tanking is preferred to s&b now? because they nerfed s&b into the ground. S&b needs some attention as well as the tempest tree. Just because you don’t personally use the juggernaut tree doesn’t mean it doesn’t need changing.

Maybe I play a s&b guardian and maybe I want to use that in a situation like pvp? Or maybe I don’t want to have to fire off every hate generating ability I can muster to hold aggro from a dt who isn’t breaking a sweat.

Reformat your wall of text and ill see about adding your suggestions to the list.


Sorry mate, but you are still wrong about penetrating shot, the only way to do so much damage ( I mean 6-8k) in pvp is to use one of the advantages (fire/shattering attack). Your changes would kill ranger in pve, who is already really weak compared to other classess. Most of people mentioned there is no way of changing class overall damage in pvp without affecting pve.

Comming to interesting ideas, I see a fit for adding cooldowns on ranger’s traps, it’s very stupid that they appear without any efford, but it would again nerf this class in pve. To avoid that FC needs to remove “stupid master trapper mechanics” and adds something similar to what someone mentioned earlier ( armor ripper as damage upgrade after using or buff to damage after scoring critical hit which greatly compose with Deadly Draw AA).

I also think that there should be changes to deadly draw AA, if FC made it core for ranger it should take two golden slots but also allow bleeding to do critical stikes, it could help improve ranger damage in pve. I know there will be a lot of you thinking that this would make ranger even more deadly on pvp than it already is. Well, propably you’re right, but not in every aspect. Now most of people use combination of Deadly Draw nad Running shot ( cc immunity), but after changing DD to double slot AA there will be a way to stop rangers from doing so much damage with penetrating shot without any interruption. That change would make class more glass cannon, make a core pve AA (like Red Shadows of Xotli for Hox) and what’s most importand, if someone want’s to stay with Running shot, they still can, but there will be less chance to score enormous amount of damage from penetrating, also those people could choose another aa golden perk to fill their perk bar (like Jarring shot). Sadly this resolution also has a lot of negative impact on overall AA mechanic, because there are no interesting golden perks inspite of DD.

Or there can be no changes at all to mechanical aspect of DD AA, just buff t5 rune with a “now bleeding effect” can score critical" and give in - 1000/1500 pvp rating, now there will be no way of using it on pvp and ranger would become wanted class on raid because of they actual dps, not because of Market Target which buffs barb (and other meeles) dps.

Also your idea about applying only one upper/lower attack bonus has no way in pvp, it would only affect pve. There is no time in pvp for using both attacks, you are only using one, because if you doin’t there is a great chance your whole attack will fail when for example someone will hide behind your back.




Storm Blade - procs from 6 to 12/15 per minute. 6 procs is nothing.

Added this to suggestions

Intimidating Shout - improve by doing more damage and let dot crits, also change cooldown to 25 seconds and let this ability generate some agro like Cry of Havoc from Juggernaut tree.

Added a suggestion to increase damage and add a spell crit chance but at a cost of increased cooldown.

Dissarming Agression - change damage to 20% group wide buff, also can you place some armour and magic penetration maybe 120/240/360 per rank group wide too!

that’s a pretty op suggestion. I made an alternate suggestion which you should find suitable without overdoing it. I don’t want guardian to become op flavor of the month again one shotting people. these changes i suggested were done after careful review.

Flashing Reflexes -

I already suggested the evade chance be increased to 50-75%

Guardian dont need any changes in Juggernaut.

Agree to disagree.