A To-do List for Funcom. Some easy fixes and suggestions #MakeAoCGreatAgain



What? Guard doing most kills in minis with flag and without flag on back. Mine best scores 26-0, 17-1 with flaaag! But not on sword and shield, s@s is not for pvp. Dps sucks? Guard can fatality clothies from half and 3/4 hp on counterweight.


you must be high son because i specifically said sword and shield. aka s&b. we are not talking about polearm anymore. Polearm needs some fixing but s&b needs waaaay more.


And once more, you think I main ranger so I disagree with most changes but you main Bear Shaman and want to buff heals with 300 % ratio, dude that’s absurd. If this idea comes to life there will be no challenge in pve, because all mechanics would be bypassed by enormous amount of healing effect. That’s stupid tho. Seeing who you play on stream explained a lot of your wanna be changes, you just want to make your character op without thinking about other classes and you don’t take pve uspectc serious, because “Will the npc’s complain?”

For most of players AoC is PvE and the challenge behind that, don’t try to ruin that experience because you want to kill everyone on Arena Mr. Spreadicus.


Why dont you just remove the Assassin class instead? Would have the same effect.


This. Most of his changes are centred around buffing bear shamans, either by nerfing his worst matchups or buffing his general and personal class.

All buffs, in some form.

All indirect buffs to Bear SHamans.



Siiiiiiiick. :dizzy_face::astonished:


“Classes need balance” he said, funny it was xD


let`s brake all classes so someone can get better on toons s/he play in pvp)

do you understand that only 2-3 ppl working on AoC. copy/paste to make saga server is best they can do. this not mean devs are bad, this mean it`s not work for 3 ppl to rework classes


I agree that pen shot for ranger needs some fixing, but what you suggested seems to remove its effectiveness entirely. The immunity buff for pen shot is so you can ensure nobody cc’s you before your most important combo is fired. At the cost of 1 perk slot I think that is perfectly reasonable. What you suggested is immunity “after” pen shot is fired, which is useless. While I cant say I don’t pop it before I get hit with a cc in PVP, I feel its still important to have that immunity (if you choose that perk) so ranger’s most important combo isn’t stopped.
I’d rather see a timer for the immunity effect, if you pop pen shot randomly your running shot immunity wont work for another 10 or so seconds.

As for the Hunting hawk perk I totally agree with you! In my brief testing with it I couldn’t find any reason why it should be a 2 slot perk. But if it was a 1 slot perk I might run it, that occasional silence is a nice addition to a rangers arsenal.


Just remove Pen Shot from the equation and make it a single use ability with it’s own cd.


I thought I was the only one seeing this lol


I dunno, you could actually nerf ranger damage and boost it simultaneously via using Deft Stabs.

For example; Pen shot now does 25% less damage
Deft stabs now grants a buff making your next pen shot do 50% additional damage (which expires after 10 seconds)


We are talking about how much we hate master trapper, because it requires us to stand near bosses as melee in PVE and now you’re talking about buff via deaft stabs? I think you have to reread my post about ranger rotation and how it works, when we can talk about some interfering with that.


I personally believe the secret is to make the damage more steady and less bursty therefore allowing the bleed to crit softly and nerf pen shot. Master trapper should buff weapon damage melee and remain as it is mechanic wise while a good feat to revamp would be fancy footwork to be triggered after a successful crit for a boost in critical damage or weapon damage lasting a few secs.


Dunno if FC can do this with their coding but feels like the easiest thing would be to increase rangers overall dmg with 20%, but reduce the damage output towards player clients by 20%.


Fine by me. This class has been broken since the revamp.

This. Most of his changes are centred around buffing bear shamans, either by nerfing his worst matchups or buffing his general and personal class.

On a serious note: You can believe this if you want but those minor tweaks are hardly incredible buffs. Grace of nature should allow removal of snares the same way the mage spell removes roots and snares. Hardly game breaking buff.

Right now Stone hide is useless. It needs a rework. Try it out for yourself and see.

All priest big heals heal for 1200-1600 hp. Back when the game was new people had low health pools and this was sufficient. Then they reworked gear and gave us all much more hp but never upped the ante on big heals. If you think a 300% increase of big healing is a game breaker for you then i don’t know what to tell you. It has been a much needed update for many years. it should be 3x what it is now or at least 2 times… it’s a big heal!!

I personally think the rampaging crush ability is way too slow. Its good that you’re happy with the current state of whatever class you play but not everyone agrees. It isn’t about “buffing my main”. i don’t even play my guardian because its so broken. the most buffs i suggested were for that class. As you can also see i removed most of the suggestions for the conq. even though it is a pretty op class especially vs a bear shaman. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions mate.

Tainted weapons in my view shouldnt be used on players. its a pve perk. I have always said this. It’s unfair when you play as a tos vs a rogue for example. I dont have issue with it regarding my bear shaman if we’re being honest. When a rogue uses it on me i just quickly recast heals. Other healing classes though don’t have such speedy heals. A problem i hope to convince funcom to remedy. Finely honed doesn’t have any effect on a bear shaman at all or any healer class i’m aware of… At least nothing overly noticeable or detrimental… again you assume.

If anyone else has suggestions feel free to offer them up. If you have unfounded opinions based on baseless assumptions keep them to yourself. I did not post this list to make any class more powerful than the rest. Especially not the bear shaman which in my view is already pretty top notch. I just want to see a few tweaks in that dept. Meanwhile rangers benefit from nonstop anti ccs and double buff combo shots that deal 6-8k crits while being unstoppable and snaring you for 12 seconds at 60%, Guardians who deal absolutely no damage, etc etc and you want to question my ideas on balance?

Tell you what ill update the list later with some interesting ideas that might even make the pve’ers quiet for once.


For most of players AoC is PvE and the challenge behind that, don’t try to ruin that experience because you want to kill everyone on Arena Mr. Spreadicus.

Don’t know why you think i’m Spread. I’m just a fan :sunglasses:


I have to agree with the big heal increase. Years ago when health pools were 5k or so, it was ok, but with tanks with health pools of 15-20k, the big heals now are very underwhelming.


we got aa heals to cope with that =)


True, the aa heals do offset it, but I still feel a standard big heal increase would be nice.