A To-do List for Funcom. Some easy fixes and suggestions #MakeAoCGreatAgain



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showed you that your attitude will lead nowhere and you lack any proper arguments to prove me wrong, so you decided to attack me using some of my misspells.

I find it pointless to argue with a simpleton. Your first few posts you gave started out constructive and devolved into the incoherent angry mess they are now because you’re worried about this or that. As you can see this post is tagged “PvP” And again it is a SUGGESTION POST. which means Funcom will likely not adopt any of them at all so tuck your panties back in your shorts and move along.

If you have nothing else useful to add then stop polluting this thread with whiny arguments. If you have actual feedback that doesn’t devolve into open hostility or assumptions that I have a vendetta to “buff up my main” then offer them up. Remember you attacked my thread with a few other folks because I mentioned 3 tweaks i would like to see for bear shaman (which were quite minor i’ll add) and assume I want it to be made into the flavor of the month class.

You also put words into my mouth saying “i called bs weak in pvp” which I never once wrote. and the list of crap coming from you just goes on and on.

Then you claim to not be angry but then post this

You misspell half your postings and it seems like you just rush through it because you’re upset about it all and didn’t bother to clean it up then blame autocorrect. So yea again it’s hard to take you seriously dude.

Offer up some real counter arguments besides “Muh pve” or take a hike.


Actually I don’t but you know better, there were only two mistakes, I checked that. As you said that conversation leads nowhere, you don’t accept my arguments and I don’t accept yours. To clean this thread from that negative impact I suggest we delete all posts which add nothing to discussion and just let it go. What say you?


I believe the correct phrase would be “Let’s agree to disagree” on those particular points.


So be it.


Every hypothetically class or gameplay tweaking would effect all playstiles, pvp and pve. Discussing suggestions while considering only one of it, may it pvp or pve, is pointless. Stay with me here, I will come to this in a second.

is not a real argument, but I have actually not seen anyone who used it.

Now lets see how an argument works:
Fact: The last big survey Funcom made for AoC showed that less than 30% of the players were playing pvp and/or were interested in pvp.
Assumption 1: This number has not increased since then.
Assumption 2: It is better to cater to the majority of players than to a minority.
Argument: When discussing gameplay changes one should focus on the impacts on pve over the impacts on pvp, not the other way around.
Conclusion: You can now decide if your thread is pointless, or if you want people to discuss your and others suggestions taking all parts of the game in consideration, with a bigger focus on pve.
You did not understand all of what I said: Then you can keep attacking people personally who do not share your points of view and pointing out their spelling instead of giving arguments that back up your position.


Here is what I think Funcom should do to revitalize Age of Conan over the next year. I just recently came back to the game and I know many of you want new lategame features like T7 raids etc, but in order for that to happen I think FC needs to adress the early game first (mostly post Tortage content lvl 20-79,) New players needs to enjoy the road to 80 for them to experience what IMO is a solid lategame allready, with lots of cool dungeons, raids and pvp. New players is after all what will bring the cashflow back into the game, so they need to have a pleasent leveling experience first.
If the AoC team could borrow a couple of devs (artists/engine guys) ffrom the other teams I think this gem of a game can come back strong. The MMO genre is in a weak spot, people are going back to oldschool mmos (see new wow expansion) and Funcom should take advantage of it.

Step 1: Remaster all the zones graphically, nothing insane, just polish up textures on ground, trees, maybe some of the npcs etc.
Step 2: Merge Fury and Crom and give every zones alternative PvP option. This is really important as new players that see that Fury is dead will leave quickly.
Step 3: Polish the leveling experience, by giving zone events while levling to make people feel a bit more engaged along the way.
Step 4: Polish the old UI elements and implement Strange UI into the game. The UI itself really makes this game feel really old, and it’s some of the first things new players to the game sees. It should be modernized and put up to par.
Step 5: Make a big announcement of Age of Conan Remastered or something along those lines, with video explaining all changes and articles etc.
I think Age of Conan can be one of the games to make the miracle comeback run if Funcom invest a year of development polishing everything I highlighted above.


Your Step 3 is a very bad idea that keeps popping up. PvP needs less options, not more. Let’s take a look: Rage is dead and buried. Fury open world is almost the same as on Crom (Mostly just festival). The PvP arena is almost only used for alt. farming. Minis are often hard to fill and except on rare occasions you never see a Sag.

Spreading the few PvP players even more thin would completely kill PvP.


That’s because funcom ruined pvp years ago and well before they held that survey which I do remember taking. By then a vast majority of pvpers left the game.

No i don’t suppose it has but it should.

sure if you just want to keep the playerbase as is instead of attracting old and or new players. Obviously the focus on PVE hasn’t worked out for this game has it?

Agree to disagree.

you’re free to offer up counter points and suggestions but keep the attacks out of it (not saying you, but others). Thanks.

I attacked no one, They attacked my thread, maybe go back and re-read it or not because they probably deleted their posts.

That’s about the only argument i’ve seen and you just used it yourself.

You may think that because the population majority of aoc nowadays is more pve focused that funcom focusing on pve is the right way to go but i disagree. Why do you think games such as fortnite or battlefield, cod, etc are so popular? Because people love pvp.

This game was sold as a pvp based mmo with epic siege battles blah blah blah and in the beginning it held promise. It wasn’t until Gaute left and Srillion took over that things took a turn for the worse… and now you see the sad state this game is in now.

Instead of attacking me with claims that I just want to nerf my enemies and buff my main try to look at the stats I provided and instead of just saying “Oh that doesn’t work for me” ask yourself why that is and then offer up an alternative or a counter stat proposal. The claim that pve will suffer if healer big heals get buffed for example, I find laughable because I just don’t see how that can hurt anything. I would even go so far as to offer as a tradeoff a longer cooldown on big heals to match the % increase. So 300% increase = 3 times longer cd. Seems fair no?

Its talking points like that I’m interested in, not whiny conspiracy theories.


The total lack of action against the most common online 3rd party tools exploits will dramatically decrease the reputation and credibility of any online thing where there is player against player. Weither you still have fun and carry on or like the majority you go where the devs/host actually care about the reputation of their game is up to each player. No point in playing something with more negative than positive.

On a side note the same thing is rampant in pve but without any sense of competition the majority of people won’t pay too much attention, but even there you can hear complaints against tools like combat monitor removing any sense of skill credibility for those who care about that in pve, impressive.



Cheating really isn’t that prevalent in this game. It’s extremely rare.


After a decade of extreme laxism, the already extremely tainted reputation of the game will never recover and no one will fall for this. I am glad there is still this extremely tight community of die hard fans doing what they can to put rose tainted glasses on us. See you on pvp saga anyway. :money_mouth_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sweat_smile:


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Fix necro feats, the most useless options in both trees


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all this topic is useless as long as you don`t count pve side of game


I didn’t flag anything as off topic so no idea why you said that but you can’t deny the suggestions made by the original poster for PVP will impact PVE so my point that this is equivalent to the tail wagging the dog is a fair one.