A very generous offer!

Greetings Exiles!

Myself and a few friends have moved from a very mainstream PvP server (pc) to a very low populated server in the hopes of seeding a fresh community. We have played here for a couple of weeks now, there is almost NO buildings on the map at all which is great for server performance and getting things done for the time being.

However, we are now very eager to get this server ‘seeded’ and populated and wish to extend the following offer to you!


The offer is simple, come and play on Official Server #1031 (EU PC) and give a shout to any of the Storm Hammer clan in the global chat. We/I will personally come down to the noob zone and meet up with you to give you the following:

10x Iron Chests
2 x Furnaces
2 x Carp Benches
20 x Brand new Iron Weps of your choice
10 x Brand new Iron Tools
2 x Thralls
Bonus if you bring 3 or more people to the server (friends or clan) we will also create a fresh ready made vault for you!

This offer extends to the first 10 individual people or clans that join the server! Together we can populate a very fresh and almost brand new map with good server/network speeds and fresh players!

Most of my clan play in the evenings currently + most of the weekends through the daytime. If nobody is online at the time feel free to message me through here or add me on steam (Dredbeard).

Thank you all!

Much love


(Server direct connect info:

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